After a Long Night - July 12th Game

Episode July 12, 2013: After a Long Night

Players/Characters: Kreb/Sam; Kensashi/Orion; Angel/Lindsey; Charger/Cassie
Audience: Kris, Cash
Detailed Transcript:
• Sam, Orion and Cassie headed out after the long night. No one had seen Lindsey since earlier in the day.
• Lindsey was at home asleep. He lay in a sweat soaked bed and was ridden by troubling dreams all night. He looked like something Fabi’Cet wouldn’t drag in when he arrived at the T&T offices.
• Sam headed home for a few hours of sleep. Around dawn he got cleaned up and had a breakfast of champions: coffee, alcohol and tobacco. Then he headed to the synagogue to pray with his rabbi and then back to the office.
• Orion headed home to get cleaned up and some rest. Then he gave Fabi’Cet. the “reward” (pot) he’d bought for the little demon and sat down to watch a Cheech and Chong movie with him. Orion has convinced himself that he can rehabilitate the plague demon.
• Cassie headed to the TFV offices. She showered and changed clothes before checking in with the headquarters. She was informed that a truck with supplied was en route and that it would be about 3 days before the receptionist would arrive. Feeling a little refreshed, she grabbed a large cup of coffee and headed back to the T&T offices
• Lindsey arrived at the T&T offices first. Tracy was already there doing paperwork. He talked to her to find out what happened the night before. She pointed him to a sign on the white board. It warned people that there was a vampire in the holding cell downstairs and provided a case file number.
• After returning to his desk, Lindsey scanned the case file to find out what the team had done, what they’d learned the night before. He was still haunted by the dreams he’d had. Soon he was staring thoughtfully (at nothing) as he tried to remember the visions in his dreams. He knew that they were important and that he needed to figure them out. He knew he was only getting snippets of them.
o There was a flock of large black birds that filled the sky and blocked out the sunlight. Their eyes glowed red and shown with intelligence that no bird should have. He saw them flying over a street in Seattle. It was a dark gray day but it wasn’t raining so there were kids playing in the street. It goes dark, almost black and when Lindsey can see again the ball is bouncing on the pavement and all of the kids are missing. Then flames blur his vision and he sees the kids walking aimlessly, as if they’re in a trance like state, down the street.
o There was something else from the vision that he could barely remember. A vampire in a room with windows. The vamp’s face registered stark terror when he saw the black birds with the glowing red eyes pecking at his window.
• Orion and Fabi’ arrive at the offices. Fabi has a child’s backpack. He’s carrying a laptop and scissors in it.
• Travis is working on his latest invention and making lots of noise downstairs.
• Sam is cleaning his gun down in the workshop where Travis is working.
• All of the noise and music coming from downstairs prompts Lindsey to ask if the vampire is locked up or just downstairs and why is he being given access to power tools and a stereo.
• Orion shrugs and says “It is what it is” which got him a grumpy look from Lindsey.
• About that time Sam comes back upstairs to where Orion and Lindsey are. He’s whistling a tune. Takes a look at Lindsey and sets a flask in front of him. Lindsey declines his offer of a drink. Sam takes a swig and puts the flask away.
• The phone rings and Sam answers it. It is a gentleman named Sergi??? He had been directed to T&T and was told that they might be able to help him. He is looking for his lost organ. Sam tells him to put his hand in his pocket and feel around – he should be able to find it then. The man is insulted but he continues to explain that it’s a priceless antique that has been in his family for generations. It is a three story tall French pipe organ. He is the last descendant and must get the organ back. He is willing to pay a hefty fee to get it back. Sergiv will be traveling in Europe but he will wire $5K. He will call T&T periodically to check on progress.
o Sam decides to take the man seriously and puts him on hold while he finds out how to transfer him to the admin office to start the paperwork.
o Tracy shook her head and pointed toward the instructions on the white board.
o Sam pulled up the right forms on his computer and reconnected with Sergiv. to take all the pertinent information.
• As Sam works on filling out the proper paperwork, Sergiv explains the organ was routed to Seattle before it was to go south. It never arrived at its final destination and no one seems to know how or where it got misplaced.
• Tracy reviewed the paperwork after Sam was off the phone and added the new assignment to the docket.
• As Orion was setting up Fabi’ to continue watching movies on his laptop Angel made a passing comment about Fabi’ being mistaken for a cat. Fabi’ took the comment that Orion needed a pet cat and went outside to find one. He routed around for a while and ran across a couple rats which he tossed away before coming back inside. He told Orion that he’d be happy to continue looking but Orion said ‘Thanks’ but that he didn’t really want a cat.
• Lindsey grumbled that he could really use a cigarette as he rustled around his desk trying to find an old pack. Then he saw a pack, ashtray and matches sitting on the corner of his desk. They hadn’t been there a minute before.
• They all heard Geni greet someone at the front desk.
• Sam and Lindsey talk about the vampire downstairs.
• Sam asked if Lindsey has seen it and Lindsey shook his head no “but he has power tools” Lindsey replied.
• Sam told him that he was hearing Travis work on a new project. The vampire was sleeping. Then he told Lindsey, given how he looked that he could go sleep with the vampire.
• Everyone jumped when an explosion occurred and three barbed poles shot through the floor. After a second the barbs expanded. Then they heard Travis yell “Sorry” through the floor. The barbs contracted and disappeared back into the hole.
• Orion and Fabi’ went over to see what was going on and to examine the new holes in the floor
• Lindsey yelled at Travis to find out what he was doing. Travis said that he’s building a grappling gun.
• [random note] Terry Tate the office linebacker
• Sam continued talking to Lindsey and told him everything that happened the night before.
• Cassie observed the T&T team as she sipped on her second cup of coffee. Then she went down to check on David, the vampire as Sam liked to refer to him. He was sleeping like the dead. He was eerily still. Once she was confident that David had not been harassed or injured since they had settled him into the room, she returned upstairs to join the conversation.
• Sam was discussing the information he learned from Ivan. The bottom line that Ivan gave him was that T&T should leave the Seattle vampires along. Their leader, Thomas Pasco is an extremely bad man — vengeful, ruthless, bordering on sadistic. People are play things and food to him, nothing else. Less powerful vampires are only thought of as a little more than that — they’re not food, but definitely there for his entertainment.
• The discussion segued to the topic of what to do with David. The team had completed the job that they’d taken on. They’d found him, but they couldn’t just give an neophyte, un-schooled vampire back to his human mom. And it wasn’t like they could tell her that he was fine; because he was technically dead after all. Those that wanted to kill him out of hand because of what he had been changed into were out voted. David would be given a chance to live as an ethical,“vegetarian” vampire.
• Lindsey was concerned for David and his family — in the event that Pasco decided to make a better example out of David. He asked Tracy if David and his family could be relocated — put into some sort of witness protection program. But even if the cost wasn’t prohibitive, it was not feasible. David’s family ran a lucrative business — they couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t be willing to) just disappear.
• The group agrees that the best solution for now is for David to stay at T&T. And that he should call his mom to let her know that he was dealing with some things and just needed some down time. It wasn’t a good idea of him to tell her that he’s a vampire quite yet.
• Since it was only mid-afternoon and David wouldn’t wake for a few hours everyone settled in to do research and paperwork.
• Cassie began poking around Thomas Pasco’s history. Who was he? Where did he come from and more importantly when did he come from. It was easy to get information about his fake cover story. Thomas Pasco — CEO of Global Com the third largest company in Seattle, a TMP subsidiary. The company had three other ‘men’ on the board of directors: Benson Graves, James Brighton and Kevin Damion. There were pictures of them but not of Thomas. Thomas’s bio said that he a Seattleite — born and raised in the fine city. but there were no pictures of him for the past 40 years. There was no record of him attending school in Seattle or of him ever having family in Seattle. The whole story was bogus. Cassie sent a request to TFV to see if they could dig up any information on where and when Thomas Pasco had originated and how he got established in Seattle.
• When Cassie finally pulled herself out of her office she saw Sam sitting on the couch watching a Cheech and Chong movie. She was concerned about his mental stability as he appeared to be carrying on a conversation with the air. He told her that he could talk to ghosts and she mostly believed him. She’d known others who could communicate with ghosts — but she’d never seen them watch a movie with a ghost, nor carry on a full conversation with them. The best she could guess was that Sam either had mad skills in ghostly communication or he half lived in the ghostly world or he was just plain old nuts. And given his tendency toward violence and his talking to the wind — she was inclined to believe it was the later — he was fucking nuts. Without thinking she slipped and called him Crazy Sam. He took offense and made her explain why she’d call him that.
• Sam told her that he wasn’t talking to a ghost, that he was watching the movie with Orion’s indentured plague demon. ‘Yep’ Cassie thought, trying to keep her face neutral ‘he is fucking nuts’
• Sam caught the look in her eyes and ordered Fabi’ to reveal himself to her. Fabi’ looked to Orion who told him it was OK.
• Cassie saw a doodle appear on the white board. After a minute the doodle began to burn brightly and this thing, this creature emerged from it and stood on the table in front of her.
• • Orion introduced Fabi’ to Cassie just before he returned to watching the movie with Sam.


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