Arctic Island Loots!

Loot from the Arctic Adventure - Cataloged by Izii

“Race – Running Weekly Game”: a small library on pacts, an contracts pertaining to lost and ancient spiritual figures (3 dots), a smaller library of information about spirtual or otherworldly names to call upon, a sizable collection of spears, sheild, armor, knives, swords and the like that can be easily restored. about 20 sets of each (enough to outfit 20 soldiers) that work now. examples of bows and atl that are non functional, a book of seals. a grimore of offensive spells (blast), a book discussing protection arts (armor), 12 bottles of what you assume is wine.

“Race – Running Weekly Game”: chain armor, a satchel of scrolls

“Race – Running Weekly Game”: a locked chest. various jewlery, gems and a pallet of ingots (gold)

“Race – Running Weekly Game”: occult scrolls, carved horse of granite, ingots, two small bags of gems, and several small bottles (6), 3 of whcih are unmarked, but sealed in heavy red wax.

“Race – Running Weekly Game”: the 3 bottles in heavy red wax. in olden times this was a warning of poison

“Race – Running Weekly Game”: one is just pure garbage, someone made something and found it killed people. its further fermented and fucked it self into goop of nasty. one is a hemlock/cyanide derivative. the last is something exotic, herbal and not native to greece or antartica. most likely a shade of some sort from the shadow lands (the shadow)

“Race – Running Weekly Game”: wwII fighter pilots helmet (chinese), an old pocket bible, a baseball bat covered in pages of an ancient bible with huge nails driven through it for a spiked bat look. 2 wwI pilot pistols, an broken bayonette

2 swords 2 spears vampire coffin

gold coins formerly covered in rat gunk

head-sized bag full of gold bars

glass coffin w/ baboon manservant

black jeweled dagger from corpse thingy babboon (Kharis)

brassard – metal – insignia

1 rusty iron strongbox

awesome hammer from strongbox

wide band belt

assorted gadgets

Possessed dagger, obeys master via hidden compartment, Stone has it.

Medallion to Kirgi the Rat God, protects against all rats.

Bracer that gives my arm a ‘buzz’

Each casket contains crockery, kitchenware and silverware with the gerisidi sigil on them. wort about 3k GP in total for that part. inside one is 400pices of old world Gold (GP), 6 scrolls with occult essotera (perhaps spells, you’ll have to spend some time deciphering them), and a 7th scroll with which has a randomizing ink cypher. This means that each time you look at it, it changes a bit. It holds what are apparently 5 ‘words of power’, however they do not tell you which word has which effect for an artifact call “Visors Bone” as well as a description of its various powers. A beginners book on occult symbology.

5 short swords, 3 two handed swords, 12 shields, 7 pikes, 2 daggers, 6 spears

ACBA YIN AGA – Create skeleton
NETOSA – controls undead

ERVA ACBA – summon nearest ghost

NETOSA – controls undead if blood is used a stronger form of undead can be created
rest of page is unreadable

1 sword from room, received from Sampson after bombing shadow thingy

obsidian bladed creepy ass dagger x1


12 emeralds matched

57 opals

gold chains x14

diamond earrings

ruby inlaid necklace of gold

amethyst sphere

ring w/ 1" opal

cauldron with runes of silver

“immortality” stone


Race Race

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