Character Journals

Collection of all journal entries made by players to date

Collection of all journal entries made by players to date.

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Rhianwen Journal entry day: Whatever- because I’m too annoyed to care about what day this journal entry occurs on

The last mission could have gone a lot better. We found the kids thank God, but turns out there were these… strange creatures eating them I think. I won’t pretend to know what those things were inside the beasts but Kharis seemed to take a big interest in it. But seriously, I can’t believe I got scared climbing the Ferris wheel. Turns out the presence I was feeling were the kids. To be honest I never regretted one of my actions more than not continuing to climb to those kids. They’ve been through a lot and seeing how Sampson treated them, broke my heart a little. Seemed really careless of him, not that I expected anything better from him. I’m probably lucky he stopped at wearing them like bullet sponges. I hate that guy, but he is the boss so I have to listen to him and so as he says… for now anyway.

But the biggest development was I am now signed up to participate in an arena fight I never wanted to be involved in to begin with; but Lindsey had his own ideas and decided to negotiate for more sanity for Ariel, and I think we all know no amount of sanity is going to cure the fucked up she is cursed with. I feel like I should be mad at Ariel, but instead I find myself entirely pissed off at Lindsey instead, and not Ariel. Yeah charging into the place was a bad idea, but she did have some sort of mirror so I guess she was investigating an anomaly she was seeing. If I ran into a medieval era ruin that was never discovered before I might have charged in recklessly out of pure excitement. Is it bad to find such an excuse for a foolish decision? Maybe not. Despite Ariel constantly harassing me, I am actually not as annoyed by it all as I thought I would be. Sure I get annoyed when it happens, like when I discovered the taco meat in my pocket, that got me pissed off. However when I think back on it I can’t help but laugh. I find that I actually don’t mind her picking on me now and then. Is that weird? I feel like it’s weird. Somehow I feel like I should be incredibly annoyed and hate her for harassing me all the time, like when I attacked after she was harassing me about being a cannibal. I really regret lashing out on her like that. I let my hot temper take over me and I shouldn’t have. I have considered apologizing to her for hurting her so bad. Maybe I could use that to rub in the fact I’m tougher than her. It could be fun to try and return the favor and pick on her some.

Anyway, I got side tracked. I got the request for a rush on a cold iron sword to fight the Fae, I can only hope it gets here soon enough for me to make use of it. I need to ask that Fabi’Cet creature about the creatures in the Fae world and if they are all weak to cold iron. I know the Fae are weak to it, but not sure about any other being in that world. Better safe than sorry I say. I should tell Lindsey and Ariel to have cold iron weapons. Maybe I should request one for them? I can inform them of what I know and let them make the decision. I know I’m going to be ready. I will bring a few spear shafts with me just in case one breaks. Never know when I may need one to deter or kill a charging enemy. I admit, I am scared to fight in that arena. Every time I think about fighting in the arena I get afraid that I will die there. Never been okay with dying. Death scares me like crazy, I’m not ready to die. I will not let Lindsey’s idiocy get me killed! Which reminds me, I need to learn how to negotiate with the Fae, so next time I don’t get fucked over and accidentally get contracted to be a servant for the rest of my life for beasts with a serious attitude problem… which to be honest isn’t too far off from where I am right now, at least right now I have the option to leave Taylor and Taylor if Sampson gets to me, which I will not allow. Hopefully Lindsey and Ariel listen to me and let me do the talking next time we’re there.

I also hope Harold finds something on that staff that went into my shadow before three days are up. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to research it myself if I’m to learn the ins and outs of Fae negotiating and fighting beasts of the Fae world.

Character Journals
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