City of Black Glass

Antarctic Adventures in the Obsidian City

The travel across the snowy mountains and tundra of the Antarctic has been filled with both misadventure and danger. The group now finds it self lost across the veil of shadow in a valley guarded by … orcs? whom seem intent on extorting a daily toll from the party.
When the sky goes purple, they have but a single hour or less to leave the confines of the city before the darkness of night falls upon them, or so says their orc extortionists, a time when the Obsidian City becomes MUCH more dangerous.
After nearly falling prey to massive trapdoor spiders (where is the square cubed law in all this?!?) the group rescues its APC and discovers the route to the center of the city where they find a massive carved tower of obsidian in what appears to be ruined graveyard. Convinced that this is the exact center of the city the group is about to begin their day in what appears to be a massive grave yard, 2/3rds of which is in ruins, 1/3rd of which looks to be perfect as the day it was completed.
Aerial views show that a number of graves are present as well as crumbling walls, and structures.


Race Race

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