Items for Artic Mission

HOD rounds p135 Night Stalkers, (6 boxes)
Huginn Visors p135 NS (3 sets of * and 2 sets of **),
Logehamarr Personal Flamethrower p135 NS,
Elixir or the Undead,
Scale of the Mirror’s Edge (works as scale of Scylla but is limited to 4 uses in total)
Boxes of Biotech x3 (with a listing for local docs whom are willing/able to implant them for a nominal fee),
Boxes of Silvered Caltrops x3,
Dong of the Dead – a box that read “Sex Toy From Beyond”,
Collapsible Man Catcher MkII,
Frequency Pulse Emitter,
Books on the Occult,
Talon Personal Initiative System (Experimental),
Frag 12 Ammo x2 Boxes,
Active Camouflage (Experimental) sheet that is 3′×4′
HUD Contact Lenses,
WASP Injection Knife x3,
MicroTel UAV (backpack Mounted)

Assorted weapons and explosives

Additional Gear for Travel:

Highest quality cold weather gear (full set) for everyone, Emergency GPS beacon for everyone in the party, three months worth of extreme climate rations, shovels, ice axes, climbing gear, bunch of those chemical heater thingies, single person tents rated for the cold, 10 person tent rated for cold, all toiletries needed for 3 months, extreme weather sleeping bags, pots, pans, cooking units, lots of coffee, extra meat rations, extra diesel for the two APCs, one extra Black Bag for every member of the party, collapsible door like we used for the Vampire’s tomb, 50k in gold kruegerans, 10 bars of silver, compact casting pot, reloading supplies for standard issue pistols and rifle. Enough to sort out 1000 rounds of each. Manual single stage press. (reloading supplies will fit into a sea bag quite easily) 3x 100ft chains rated for the APCs weight. 3x 100ft straps rated for the APCs weight. Extra stocks of all the magical substances found in the Black Bag. Drawing pencils and paper. Rubbing charcoal. Stuffed animal for every member going, extra ammo in each trailer. RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) with emergency C02 inflator s and engine stored in climate controlled trailer.

Cold weather rated grease x 10 tubs, 1 gallon lighter fluid, 3 fullsize rolls of pure cotton, length of steel for each member. Water decontaminator and purifier. 20 cans, Spaghetti-Os, Chemlights IR, UV, Blue, Purple, Green, Black, etc, 2 miles barbed wire, flares (both static and gun), smoke grenades/signals, Garl Gustav (recoil less rifle/rocket launcher) with Thermobaric rounds, magnesium sulfate, snow shoes and skies, ski poles, TP, ice skates for ariel, 2 kyaks, 6 inflatable safety vests, grapnel launcher w/1200’ high tensile line, 10 tubes of lubrabond

Work In Progress. Players will Need to Individually Update Character Sheets per Usual


Race Drak08

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