Meeting The Lady Lucifuge pt II

Episode May 31, 2013: Meeting Lady Lucifuge

Summary: The Taylor and Taylor neophyte team was still at the Lucifuge Center in Milan at the invitation of the Lucifuge Lady. The three heroes met with Lady Lucifuge and agreed to join her cause to thwart evil and help set the future of the world back on the right course. It was not like they had much choice, for if they’d declined her offer they would have been executed immediately. Each was given a gift from the Lady and then they were returned, via magical means, to Seattle.
Cassidy was at the TFV facilities that functioned as her home base for three days. She produced her report on the incident in New Orleans and the efficacy of the Taylor and Taylor team, received additional medical attention and training while she waited for her next assignment.
All of them were aware, because of headline news of dozens of children disappearing in the Seattle area. The police suspect that it is the work of serial killer. They have little information to go on other than the children are being abducted from their homes.
Detailed Transcript:
• At the conclusion of “lunch”, the dapper man escorted the three heroes to the Lady Lucifuge’s penthouse offices. Her back was turned to them when they entered. She was in a long flowing white dress and she was speaking as she stare out over the city.
• Orion marched into the room confidently; it might have been taken for a show of bravado or a high level of conviction. Lindsey walked with a quite confidence, seemingly unphased by the whole turn of events. He tried to calm Sam. Sam was visibly shaken. His hands trembled as he tried to pack his pipe.
• The Lucifuge Lady turned to look at them. That’s when they realized she was on a call. She was striking. She looked young but her eyes were definitely old, very old and completely black.
• Lindsey was struck by the look of her eyes. “Why do her eyes go black and mine go …” as he tried to activate his powers and show them, but he couldn’t touch his powers. They didn’t kick in and his eyes didn’t change.
• The Lucifuge Lady smirked as she finished her call. Sam prayed louder in Yiddish.
• She welcomed them. Told them that their gifts would not work in her residence. And warned them that this was their last chance to turn back. “I am here to provide whatever answers you need to make your final decision. Ask whatever you need.”
• Orion, asked what she meant by “turn back”, that he had been told that they would be killed if they did not agree to her terms and join her organization. She told them that that was true but that she could give them time to make their decision.
• She told them that they are currently on a path that won’t allow them to continue living in the “same” world as normal people. No one knows why some people are led onto this path. It might be their ancestry , a genetic mutation or a random event but whatever it is, it caused the veil to be lifted and you are shown things you’d wish you’d never seen…never known. You’ll want to forget it and go back to being just like everyone else. God you’ll want to … maybe if you’d turned away sooner you could. But you didn’t. You’ve gone too far on the path and that’s why you’re here.
• Lucifuge is an organization. Most members are of similar bloodlines. Sam blurted out “Am I a son of Satan?” Her eyes bore into him. She told him that she doesn’t know his ancestry, but she could have people look into it if he wanted to know. There are several distinct bloodlines that make up the Lucifuge, not all are descended from demons. The bible talks of many beings: giants, demons, and angels. Every culture has names for these beings because they do exist.
• Something happened to the three of you recently and lifted the veil from your eyes. You know you’re not alone. Some of you have already begun to experience the powers that are your birthright and some of you will in the near future.
• She gives a big speech – Race will post. It’s cool talks about the Point Pleasant, Virgina mothman among other things.
• There are “men in black” out there. Some are Lucifuge and some are not. You need to know who’s who and if they are working for good or evil. Sam mumbled that this was all too much too fast.
• She said that the Lucifuge is a resource to help them do good. And likewise, they will help the organization do the same. The organization will help them with research, training, equipment, and a stipend.
• Sam turned to the ghost of his dead wife and asked her what to do. She looked at Lady Lucifuge and then out the window. Sam followed her gaze out the window and looked back at her. She nodded her consent. “You got the nod of approval. I’m in.”
• Lindsey spoke up. “I’m in but I need you to do something for me.” She raised an eyebrow and gave him a calculated, appraising look. “What would you ask of me?” Lindsey carefully handed her a photo of Ariel Vanderkeys. “Do you know where she is? I need to find her.” Lady Lucifuge looked at the photo and then to the horizon. They could all see that a storm was brewing in the distance. Lady L turned back to Lindsey and handed him the photo before she spoke. “Ariel will find you soon enough. Events will happen in the time that they’re destined to. You can’t rush it.”
• “Is that why my tarot cards burned when I did a reading to find her?” Lindsey asked as he handed her the charred card. But as he handed it to her he noticed it wasn’t burned as badly as it had been, almost like it was healing itself. She looked at it and told him that she had no idea.
• Orion told her that he wants to know his bloodline — that he’s just a normal human and this is a mistake. She assured him that there was not mistake as evidenced by the band of names on his wrist. She told him that she’d have researchers start looking into his lineage and they’d let him know as soon as they had any info. She offered that to all three of them.
• Sam asked her “Who are you? What are you?” She looked at him and took a deep breath before responding. “I started out just like you. A human as far as I knew. Then I came into my powers and was made the same offer we make you now. As dapper man told you there are always 666 Lucifuge at any given time. Lucifuge become old, though much more slowly than humans. The Lucifuge had lost its leader. It left a void and even with the overarching goal of healing the world, there were internal power struggles. We needed a leader and they asked me to step into the role. I did nearly 500 years ago. It is a burden and it has changed me. Someday I will step down and go back to my life. But for now, this is what I must do.
• Sam still doubted the intentions of the Lucifuge organization and Lady Lucifuge. He asked to see a seraph (seraphim). She smiled at him knowingly. “You are new to all of this. It is a lot to take in but I advise you to be careful what ask for not everything is like the current folklore portraits it as. They are not what you think they are. It is not advisable to seek them out. Think back to how they are described in older texts – the Old Testament and $$$ — they are not the gentle guardian angels portrayed in Precious Moments figurines.” Sam studied her to see if he could sense whether she was lying or not. He suspected that she was telling the truth, after all Linda had given her a nod of approval. “Then I want to see a rabbi who is a member of your Lucifuge.” He said as he pulled furiously on his pipe. Lady Lucifuge nodded in agreement.
• Lady Lucifuge walked to the other side of the room where there was a long trough. It looked a stylized fountain or a ceremonial fountain. She dipped her hands in the water and then dried them in what appeared to be a ritualized manner. She looked at the men. “I have gifts for you” she said in a smooth voice. Sam retorted “I hope it’s not 30 pieces of silver” but she ignored him. “I have a gift for each one of you.”
• “Sam” she said as she dipped what appeared to be a very old gladius into the water and then dried it as carefully as she had her hands “this is for you”. She held the blade with both hands with the pommel toward him. He took it. It looked to be in good condition but he could tell it had been used. She told him it was made of meteorite iron. Sam asked her why a gladius and how old is it? She confirmed that it was as old as it appeared to be and that it was from the Empire.
• “Orion” she said as she pulled out his sword and dipped it in the trough, dried it and returned it to him. Then she produced a necklace with pendent and dipped it in the water. The necklace was a silk cord and the pendent was a silver wire-wrapped stone that appears to be amethyst. She gave the necklace to him. Orion is confused by the faint fragrance that the pendent is giving off – a cross between jasmine and brimstone. It was not an unpleasant smell as much as it was surprising. Orion put on the necklace and asked “who is the admirer?”
• “Lindsey last but not least.” She said as she performed the same ritual on a small, worn black book. It had several bright red ribbons marking pages, whether the pages were significant or not Lindsey would find out later. Then she produced the key he had taken from beneath the Capital building and dipped it before returning it to him. “Lindsey, you should use the key sparingly. You cannot always predict where it will take you. It may take you to places you’re not ready to see yet.”
• “There is so much more to talk about, but this will have to do for now. You are needed back in Seattle.” She takes the key from Lindsey. There is a closed door on the one side of the room. She opens it and they see the room beyond it. She reclosed the door and opened it with Lindsey’s key. This time it opened onto a scene on a street. It’s wet and rainy. She urges them through the door saying that the Lucifuge will be in touch soon.
• As they stepped out onto the street all the lights on that block were blacked out. It was just as rainy and cold as it had looked before they walked through the door. Looking around they see that the surrounding blocks are lit up as they would have expected. They were back in Seattle standing in front of the Taylor and Taylor downtown office building. This wasn’t the office that the three heroes work at, they work at the main office in midtown not too far from Pioneer park. Sam looked at Lindsey and Orion and asked “How are we going to explain this to the boss. And where’s Tracy?”. Then he flipped out his cell phone and punched in Tracy’s number and left voice mail for her.
• They called for a cab. Sam wanted to go home, his cat needed him. Shortly thereafter a 2 Rivers yellow and black taxi arrived. It was battered but well kept. The driver opened the door and stepped out. He was all of 7 feet tall, bald with a long beard and mustache and bushy eyebrows. He also had a thick Russian accent. He told them that he only took cash or meat for payment and asked them if they could pay. They told him that they had cash and he stowed their stuff in the trunk. As they drove to the office where they work to get their cars the cabbie told them that his name was Ivan. Some people call him Meat Ivan. Some think of him as Creepy Ivan. He sees Linda sitting in the back seat with Sam.
• As the three heroes are talking with Lady Lucifuge, Cassie was called into her supervisor’s office, Agent Christoff. He is in charge of the southwestern operations. He briefs her on the situation with the cult leader outside of Seattle. Tells her that the Seattle PD and FBI are already on site. They’re trying to avoid another Waco situation. There is concern that there may be something otherworldly going on and they want her to look into it. He tells her that she’s going to be responsible for setting up a Seattle office. They are seeing a lot of activity in the Seattle area so it seems prudent to have an office there. And it’ll make it easier for her to keep an eye on the Taylor and Taylor group. She will be going in under the auspices of being their liaison. She will be given an upgraded key card, a vehicle and directions for the new building when she arrives in Seattle. She was also told that she should submit requisition requests for any equipment she knows she needs and it will be delivered to the new office. And she should continue to use her Homeland Security ID when necessary.
• Background on the situation outside of Seattle. A cult leader, Derrek Hall, of unknown status has been on TV declaring himself the new messiah. Everyone needs to send money to him in order to be saved. He is going to unleash the 7 biblical plagues on the earth because it is evil and in need of cleansing. He has a compound near Seattle. There are between 75-100 residents, including children living with him. Police are monitoring activity at the compound and they’ve reported that more people are arriving daily. No one seems to ever leave. There have been some unusual occurrences that he has claimed responsibility for – evidence of his power. Some streams have run red and there has been a plague of frogs. Both of which could be explained as natural phenomenon or not.


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