Of Lost Boys and Prophets

Episode June 7, 2013: Seattle’s Lost Boy and Prophet


Detailed Transcript:
• Cassie went straight to the address she was given for the TFV office. It led her to a 4 story parking garage. The key she was given was for a room on the first floor. She opened the door to find a 10’ by 10’ cleaning supply closet. This was not surprising — things aren’t always what they seem to be. After entering the room and closing the door, the floor slowly sank a level and opened into an office space.
o The floors were marbled granite, polished to a high sheen. There was a white desk and just beyond was a set of double doors. She strode through the doors to find that they opened into a 20’ long mirrored hall way. At the end of the hallway was the command center with a commander station elevated above the rest of the room. There was a bank of TV screens filling the one wall of the room. All of the screens were dark but the room was clean even though it seemed like the office had been abandoned for a while.
o As Cassie entered the command center the servers began to whir and the TV screens began to light up. News/intelligence feeds were rolling by. As she entered the commander station lights on the raised panel in the middle of the pit began to flash on and off. Monitors showed the TFV twirling icon as systems booted up, authenticated/validated the system and settled into a standby mode. Three people appear on the authentication list: Cassie, Specter (Jasmine) and the clerk who man’s the front desk.
o One screen, the displayed the schematics of the office. There were three distinct areas: this room – the security area, the reception/hall area and down one floor was the infirmary, armory and holding cells.
o Cassie decided to walk the space before heading to the Taylor and Taylor offices, so she went downstairs. The armory was cavernous and empty, though weapons and other equipment should arrive soon. The medical bay was relatively small but stocked with a lot of equipment and supplies. She’d have to look for an inventory list later. The last space she checked out was the holding cell area. She was glad to see that all of the cells were empty and clean. Once she had a good feel for the site she went back to the parking garage and took her TFV issued car to the main Taylor and Taylor offices.
• Lindsey and Cassie met up as they entered the T&T building. Lindsey looked like he’s been ridden hard and hung up wet; sleepy, unshaven and possibly hung over. They arrived at Genie’s reception desk at 10:20 AM. Cassie was a little taken aback at the surliness of the receptionist and she wondered if the woman was always like that. Genie waved them back to the offices and downstairs where the rest of the team was. Cassie made small talk with Lindsey as they wove their way to the armory.
• Sam, Tracy and Orion were standing next to a light table and talking over a map. There was a man, who looked worse than Lindsey, with scraggly hair and whiskers leaning on a harpoon. He was introduced as Travis.
• Sam was talking about his conversation Meat Luvin Ivan and trying to get info about him from Tracy. Tracy said something about there being a possible client who needed T&T to look into a problem that wasn’t being handled by the police to her satisfaction. Lindsey looked at Sam who was wearing a gladius at his waist. “Sam we’re in the office. You could take your blade off.”
• Sam shot back “Given where it came from I’m not letting it off my person or out of my sight.
• Orion snipes “Sam has paranoid schistophrenia. You’re not the first to tell him that he doesn’t need to wear it in the office.”
• Insert Race’s text on the Channel 13 Foxx blurb about the Darrek Hall situation.
• Sam piped up that apparently Darrek Hall has created a couple of the biblical plagues. He’s turned water to blood in a couple local rivers and created a plague of frogs in suburban areas. He claims “we” have 14 days to resolve the situation/meet his demands or he will bring about the apocalypse. This has everyone’s interest.
• Tracy asks for everyone’s attention so she can tell the team about a case T&T has taken on and assigned to this team. Colleen Shadley has retained T&T to find her 19 year old son. He was attending school at UW. He disappeared six weeks ago. The police believe that he’s just checked out of his life and left school without telling anyone. She thinks something has happened to him. There is a meeting with her in a few hours (at 1 PM). We should plan on going with her to the meeting.
• Tracy then turned to Sam, “you wanted to know about Ivan” she said. “There’s not a lot known about him. He works the night shift most of the time. No one messes with him. There’s rumor that he sees things that most people don’t. He’s not a bad source for information about what’s happening on the streets but he’s not on T&T payroll.
• Tracy looked at us again. Cassie is a liaison assigned to T&T for now. Cassie we’ll help you get settled in. We have an office for you Travis will help you with your equipment and weapon needs. Genie handles most paperwork and some research. Cassie’s office was a real office, not a cubie. It had a door and windows.
• Sam was already prepared for combat. He was wearing a bullet proof vest, chainmail, a dagger (crusader), the gladius and his single action 1870 Colt. He asked Lindsey and Orion to take a walk with him while he smoked his pipe – that they needed to talk about family matters. Cassie gave them a quizzical look as Tracy led her to her office and briefed her on basic T&T office procedures.
• Sam took Lindsey and Orion outside and once he were certain no one could hear them, he told them that he has unusual skills/gifts similar to Lindsey’s and Orion’s. Sam said he sees ghosts. That he can call them and he levitates as they walk.
o Lindsey admitted that in addition to the electricity thing, he can use magic.
o Orion claimed that while they may both have Lucifuge blood running through them he doesn’t. He doesn’t have any special abilities. All of his supernatural senses is due to his martial arts training – it’s common to be able to sense evil/demons with advanced training.
o Both Sam and Lindsey feel that Orion is in denial.
o “If I can see ghosts and Lindsey can do magic; maybe all the stories of old are true. Maybe witches, vampires, werewolves and other creatures do exist. In any case Sam said that he’s going to bind a powerful undead to him so that he can send it to spy on Darrek Hall.
• As they headed back to the office and Sam was on the stairs, Orion and Lindsey noticed a pizza delivery kid on a moped hit something that went streaking across the alley. The moped and kid flipped and went skittering into a trash bin. The creature was about 1.5 feet tall with spindly arms and legs and lots of sharp teeth. It was red and furless. It gave a sharp squeak as it twisted one of its horns back into place. As they looked at it longer they saw it had a bloated belly and boney knees and elbows. It was homely and ugly. The delivery kid cursed about the fat rat that sent him flying, as he picked up his scooter and took off.
o Curiosity got Orion and he walked toward the little beast. It snapped to attention, stumbled and tried to stand at attention again. Then it held out a scroll that was tied with a red ribbon and sealed with was. “Reporting for duty” then it looked at Lindsay “but not to you.” he finished with a scowl.
o Orion opened the scroll. It was a contract of servitude. As he scanned the document a barb jabbed out and drew blood from his hand. Orion’s name appeared (in blood) at the bottom of the contract. Orion was shocked and asked who did this and why. Was it the Lucifuge?
o The imp-like creature said that his name is Fabi’Cet. And Orion should think of the servant contract as a graduation present. He had volunteered for the role – anything to get out of Hell – “have you ever been there? Have you thought about it? It’s worse than you can imagine.”
• When Lindsey, Orion and his servant finally caught up to Sam inside the building, he looked at them and says “Who’s your buddy?”. So they explained what happened to them after he left and he said that it was obviously sent by their “friends” in Milan. Then he turned to the imp and held a gun to its head. “Who are you?” he asked. The imp said “I am Fabi’Cet, Duke of Hell, the Demon of Influenza” it said. Sam looked him square in the eyes “You better do what Orion says or I will kill you.”
• While Sam was waiting for Lindsey and Orion, he spoke with Travis about making a 30 round box magazine for the wraith gun that he has. And a bunch of silver bullets for it and the long gun. They discussed the pros and cons and possible approaches for doing what Sam wanted.
• When it got close to the time to meet with Mrs. Shadley, Tracy sent the team to meet her; on their own. They see a woman sitting alone at a table in the coffee shop when they arrive. She is well dressed but looks a little unkempt, like she hasn’t slept in days. Sam saw a ghost at the end of the counter. Cassie approached the woman and introduced herself and the rest of team. Sam went to the counter and got coffee for everyone as the rest of the team sat down with Colleen.
o Cassie did a quick read of Colleen and felt that she was emotionally detached and felt put upon because she had other things to do. Cassie was not impressed with her level of concern for her son. Cassie asked if she’d mind answering some questions – she’d probably answered them before, but it always helps to hear it directly from the client … and sometimes something new will come back to them when they talk about it again.
o They covered:
 Family enemies: none
 David had reasonable grades – grades not an issue
 Mental illness didn’t run in the family
 He was doing fine …
 He had been ill for a while a few months back but he recovered fine
 His roommate was Richard
 Older sister is Sarah. She’s wiccan. They were reasonably close. Got her address but she doesn’t have a phone number. Estranged from mother. Staying at Grandma’s house.
 No current girlfriend
 David is a Christian like his parents.
o She was anxious to leave, claimed she had errands that needed her attention. The team watched her get into a champagne colored Lexus SUV. Sam got its license plate. Cassie texted it somewhere to find out the basis registration info. She quickly learned that the vehicle was licensed to Colleen, the insurance policy had no deductible, no wants/no warrants/no tickets and the VIN matched the description.
o Sam sliced hand with a knife. Used the blood to bind the ghost at the end of the counter to do his bidding. Tells the ghost to follow the woman and report back to him everything it sees and hears. Blood dripped off his hand and stops in mid-air as though it was collected in a cup a couple inches above the table top and then disappeared.
o After Sam sent off the ghost he told Cassie the truth about himself and Lindsey. He told her about seeing ghosts as a child and how he can use “tributes” to control them and get them to do his bidding. Then he reminded her about the things that Lindsey can do. She asked them about Orion, what’s special about him. Orion denied any special ability. She looked at him suspiciously.
o Sam looked at her and continued. “You have a lot of interesting technology at your disposal. So if we’re going to work together we need to be honest with each other. We need to trust each other. So you know about us. Tell us about you.”
• The ghost returns. Says that she went to her house and was crying. Then she touched up her make-up and headed off to other meetings. Sam took the tears to be a sign of her concern for her son. Sam shared the info with the team. Cassie had her doubts as to the meaning of the tears. Sam asked her again to share her background with them.
• Cassie told them that she tends to float between agencies. Her most recent assignment was with Homeland Security which made Sam go ballistic. He ranted at her, which she took with grace – there’s not much she hasn’t heard before.
• Sam stormed out the front door and drags the ghost with him. He binds it to follow Cassie ad report back on all of her conversations and activities. And if she is an assassin or betrayer the ghost is to kill her.
• Then Sam could be seen making a call on his cell phone. He called Tracy and ranted about Cassie being part of the neo-Nazi DoJ and Homeland Security agencies. Tracy lets him rant for a while before she tells him that T&T needed a liaison. Cassie is not DoJ or Homeland Security, though she might have been assigned to them for a while. To the best of Tracy’s knowledge Cassie is with some group that deals unusual situations. There has been a part of the government, regardless of the department that deals with strange phenomenon since the early 1900’s. It is a black ops black ops group. She is here to help, not jam them up.. You could see Sam deflate a little. Then he told Tracy what he did and that he wasn’t sure whether he could call the ghost off.
• Sam returned to the table where Lindsey, Orion and Cassie sat. She looked at him without any emotion and waited for his to speak. He told her that he wouldn’t shoot her but he didn’t trust her. She told him she’d said all that she could. She’d never said that she was DoJ or Homeland Security … just that that’s where she’d been assigned most recently. He told them all what he’d done. Cassie said that it wasn’t the first time someone wanted to kill her .. though it was the first time a ghost was assigned to assassinate her. She says that she’ll be careful until he can all off his hit man.


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