Parasitic Invasion?

Tracy briefed the team on the call that had been passed to Taylor and Taylor. Several 911 calls were received from an office building down town New Orleans. The callers report that people are bleeding, attacking each other and dying. Some of the more hysterical callers claim to have seen strange creatures crawling in and out of the crazy and dying people. Tracy has been instructed to take the team to investigate the alleged incident and take the most appropriate course of action to resolve the situation.
Tracy, Sam, Lindsey, and Orion approach the site via a cab driven by a man that is known to Tracy. It appears that he has worked for her before and is not put off by the group or their strange belongings. As they approach the building they see that a twenty five foot perimeter is being maintained around the building by a small team of city police including four mounted officers and a mobile command center. No one is surprised by the skeletal police presence and the single news crew given that Mardi Gras is in full swing. Tracy talks with an officer at the MCC and then leads the team into the building.
They proceed cautiously down the hallway, toward the elevator banks and back stairs. The team had been provided with a general layout of the building and knew that the lower floors are a parking structure with access to the sewer at the lowest level. As they round a corner they look in a break room. Furniture is overturned and the floors and walls are slick with fresh blood. After quickly determining that no one living or dead was in the break room the team continued on. As they approached the elevator bank the elevator doors were opening to reveal three humans: an unkempt old man, a young woman apparently a prostitute at first glance, and she accompanied a well dressed, mid-aged man that could be a local politician or business man. It became clear that the woman was infected and the team tried to get the other two away from her, she tried to infect the man that she was with. Tentacles sprouted from her and lashed at the politician and the beach comber. The team neutralized her. Worms poured from her dead body. In the process Orion was lashed by her tentacles and small worms started to burrow into his skin. The old beach comber was disoriented and the team suspected that he’d been infected. Sam dispatched with him while Lindsey tended to Orion’s wounds. Lindsey poured alcohol into his wounds and the team learned that the worms can be killed by alcohol.
After the politician is escorted to the police outside the team continued down to the lowest level of the building. They traveled cautiously through a couple locked doors and down a few winding hallways before they reached the heavy iron grate that covered the entrance to the sewer. Though he strained, Lindsey was able to lift and move the grate by himself. The team members found that the landing below was slick with a film of algae. They advanced slowly, carefully picking their footing as they followed the flowing water. Tracy set up repeaters along the way so that they could maintain contact with her contact. The passageway slowly descended until they reached a point where it was completely covered with water. There were indications that something was in the water and the group was not prepared to go underwater. Tracy suggested that they should go get the appropriate equipment and additional help before diving in the water.
The team makes its way back to the main floor without incident. They all piled into the waiting cab and were taken to the Antique Emporium and Pawn Shop.


Race KitFoxx

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