The Prologue Pt. 10


Today the team re-ventured under city hall into the sewers after re-equipping themselves to take on the threat of the infamous Cultar. Sledging through the sewers they emerged into an ancient pirate bootlegger storage room. There they discovered the Cultar transforming innocent civilians into minion Cultars as they worked on summoning their leader. Their leader turned out to be a Kelpie. After almost succumbing to the Kelpie’s charm, and a long ensuing battle testing all the abilities of the team, they was finally able to defeat the Kelpie, and discovered more secrets other than the warding gate of the Cultar. We leave off with the party examining hidden panels in the summoning chamber while their original entrance is slowly becoming consumed into flames behind them……

+ Everyone in the team currently has injuries ranging from critical to minor all our currently able to continue on as of so far.
going from most critical to least
| Orion O’Neill, Sam, Lindsey, Cassidy |


Race KitFoxx

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