Under The City

After meeting with one of the local werewolf delegation to confirm that there have in fact been abductions within the local area packs, a problem that will need to be addressed and soon if there is to be peace in the streets. Whether this will interfere with local vampire politics has yet to be seen. Once below, the party met with ….something that seems to hunt the sewers and apparently the local bay as well.

Note: Apparently other things live below, and salvage things from the sea and sewer to trade. Some is information, some is scrap and valuables or some combination thereof. A conglomerate of some sort seems to hold trade in an old abandoned railway yard below the city. Whom they are remains to be seen.
After buying their way up in line further to save time, the party not only was able to put in a bid for information, but got directions to the Directors office.
When we last left our intrepid adventures they were making their way to that very office, a heavily enforced red door with brass hinges, locks and reinforcements.


Race Race

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