Vampire Listing from David Shadley

Below is the listing of possible vampire contacts that Content Not Found: null gave the party to contact for various and sundry reasons pertaining to vampires, vampire society as well as those whom he thought would be receptive in some fashion about talking to ‘norms’.

The Listing is as follows:

Alarisa – at the WotC Tower or the 20’s (movie theater),
Anivera (not her real name?) – the Hellfire Club down at the U,
Dendon – Owns Porn Store and Radio Station “THE EXotic Edge” ,
Jack – (not a vampire but a Ghoul, hes a bit of a dick at first but tries to be helpful so that he can earn his V),
Josef Kostan – Owns… a LOT. thats All I know man,
Thomas Pasough (the Prince of Seatle) totally fucking crazy. Owns a company called Globalcom, and
Kiera (not sure, I think shes a ghoul but they dont treat her like one)


Race Race

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