What Runs These Halls

  • Kharis goes to the public library and sets up actions to ‘shake up the town’
  • Lindsey summons a demon to heal Ariel.
  • Ariel fights off the attentions of the demon (due to her being both female and a demon in her opinion).
  • Rhianwen kills the demon in question.
  • the Field Ops Group (PC’s) explain to the authorities that the children were severely traumatized as well as kidnapped by south american drug cartels for a supposed sex slaver ring.
  • Said children will join the cult children in a new school for those whom were traumatized (unknowingly that the school is in face a selection grounds for potential candidates) so that they may receive proper treatment for their trauma.
  • In addition, the FOG team will be celebrity judges at said school for the upcoming science fair in two weeks.
  • (more to come. I’m tired. feel free to comment below on this!) I’ll add more as I remember it :D


Race Race

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