cunning hunters of children using illusions to catch their prey


First encountered at The Old Abandoned Old Abandoned Amusement Park on an island in the Seattle bay, the Bodaugh are found to be a cunning hunter, not to say that they stupid (which they kinda are) but they are certainly not particularly smart. They mainly avoid detection through subtle means, and are devastated by natural sunlight (UV Rays wont affect them more than anything else does), fire, and copper weapons.
They typically use the images of whatever affect children, using forms like clowns and other cartoon-ish like forms, usually a decade or two out of date on average, though more intelligent breeds seem to be using more modern forms and such to lure children of late, like Spongebob and the like.
They bleed a black or dark green sickly ichor for blood and smell rancidly sweet most times (like slightly sour candy).



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