Black Bag Special

weapon (ranged)

“Black Bag Special”

The .50 Cal “Black Bag Special” is a specialized .50 Cal firearm. Originally cut down from the idea of a .50cal rifle that needed to be more concealable, this over sized firearm has been completely milled from the ground up, integrally silenced and sports a modified Noveske flash suppressor.

Needing a weapon that was versitile, and would make even a cracked out werewolf sit up and take notice, the BBS is not a complicated weapon by any means. Typically several well labeled magazines are included in the BBS kit so Hunters have a variety of options available when out hunting. Also included is an spare, empty magazine.

Below are both the 7.62mm and .50 Cal versions.
Damage: As per a normal
Range: -20%

More to come!


Black Bag Special

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