Sampson's Lover...

Large, single bladed, war ax. Similar to a long-bearded ax in design, the head of Delilah purposefully curves enough to provide a protective hand hold at the top of it’s shoulder.

The cutting edge of the blade is bright from sharpening, almost obsessively. However the rest of the ax head seems much rougher. It almost looks pitted, and seems to be speckled with what is almost a shade too dark to be rust. The metal itself, however, is very solid and the ax-eye has been anchored securely.

The reverse of the blade, the poll or butt, is a widened slab of metal, studded with triangular spikes much like a meat tenderizer.

The handle itself is obviously worn and seems to be quite old. Various nicks and gouges are all along it, some seem to be in patterns, but most not. Towards the grip of the ax, multiple wrappings of leather and sharkskin can be found, interwoven and tightly applied. These wrappings are horridly stained.

The grip itself swells dramatically at the base, which is capped with a solid iron dome at the end knob.

If you were to look closely at the handle, towards the shoulder, the word DELILAH is gouged into the wood. It does NOT look like it was done with a knife or any other tool.



Lucifuge Race Drak08