Reaction Bags - Black


The “Black Bags” that Taylor & Taylor Inc. use are made from surplus black canvas construction.

Some maybe waterproofed, most are not however.


1 ea. Black Bag Special.
16 ea. Chinese wards cards.
3 cups of Kosher Salt
1 ea. Mallet
6 ea. Properly Labeled Mags for the Black Bag Special. (Iron, Jade, Silver, Wood, Brass, Lead are standard)
1 ea. Silver Cross
4 ea. Vials of Holy Water (in non breakable easy to open frame, can be smashed out side of frame)
2 ea. Smoke grenades (salt vapor, various colors)
1 ea. Loaf of Bread.
4 ea. Shotgun (birdshot) shells
1 ea. Silvered Trench Knife
1 ea. Multi-tool


Reaction Bags - Black

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