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Mechanically This is what happens:

No matter how diluted, the blood of a Lucifuge contains a tiny spark of the blood royal of Hell. By dint of their ancestry, members of the Lucifuge have the ability to master demons and bend the legions of Hell to their will. Some manifest this bond by possessing a familiar spirit, others learn to summon or banish demonic entities, but still others draw upon their infernal sovereignty to dominate lesser demons and bend them to their will. The merest glance and a harsh word of command forces demonic beings to obey their mortal masters. The Mandate of Hell can be used in two ways: A short, simple, one- or two-word command (“Bow down,” “Kill him!”) is an instant contested action. More complex orders can also be given, but this requires that the demon be stationary (either willingly or bound in the Shackles of Pandemonium) and requires an extended action.
The Lucifuge must spend 1 Willpower to enact a complex order. The number of successes required is equal to three per “step” of the complete command. For example, the command “Go to the corner of 7th and Maple, kill the man you find there, and afterwards, return to Hell and do not return” requires 12 successes, because it is a four-step command. The demon’s contested roll, on the other hand, must reach a total number of successes equal to (15 – the Lucifuge’s Morality). Each contested roll represents one turn in this scenario.

Cost: None or 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Presence + Composure vs. subject’s Resistance

Action: Contested or extended and contested

Dramatic Failure: The command fails and the subject is immune to all further commands from the Lucifuge for 24 hours.

Failure: A simple command fails to take effect, or no progress is made toward a more comp
To start the ritual, user inserts a large iron needle into their eye. This requires a Wits + Occult roll, a success means the character suffers no damage, failure means character takes 2 lethal and loses use of the eye for a day, dramatic failure and the character loses the eye
If the character is successful, they become able to see the demon/spirit/creature in their true form. The character then may begin the process of using the Mandate of Hell castigation, but MUST spend the Willpower point to do so. This willpower only comes back at the next Dusk/Dawn. Ritual can only be performed once per


The above is the Mechanics of the power of the Lucifuge.

However the wielder of this power must stick a 6" Iron needle through the exact center of their eye. The type of needle depends on the type of creature that the wielder is attempting to sway. Different types require different types of needles.

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Sight of vEYEdel

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