Step Wisely


Tattered pair of boots found in the tomb of Thomas Pasough.

Relic (5)

-Confers Celerity (5) unto wearer when activated.
-Confers a -1 to all Composure Rolls when active.
- Costs 1 Willpower to Activate.


The 7th Panzer Division, a.k.a. the “Ghost Division” gained it’s fame by being able to advance quicker than any force during World War 2, able to cross 200 miles during nightfall and taking cities within a day. Known for their tenacity and unstoppable force, it’s no wonder there might be some extraordinary force remaining within pieces of their equipment. These boots, with the heels of the boots branded with a phrase “Schritt klug , Freund” (Step wisely, friend), are able to confer superhuman speed upon the wearer for a period of time. This does come at the cost of being dizzying to the senses as no man of this day and age could ever move this fast, could he?


Step Wisely

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