Stun Gun, Ranged

weapon (ranged)

Ranged Stun Gun: Ranged stun guns, commonly known as “Tasers” after the best-known product line, use a compressed nitrogen charge to fire a pair of metal probes at a target. These probes trail insulated wires through which the weapon delivers an electrical shock like that of a stun gun (see p. 36). These wires are seven yards long in police-only models and five yards long for civilian-legal versions.
A character may use a ranged stun gun as a normal stun gun. If she fires it as a ranged weapon, success on the attack indicates that the probes have lodged in the target, inflicting one Health level of bashing damage regardless of the number of successes rolled. Every subsequent turn until the probes are removed, the character may use the stun gun to make an additional stun gun attack that automatically succeeds with a fixed three successes.
Removing a ranged stun gun’s probes from a target without inflicting injury requires an extended Dexterity + Medicine roll (one minute per roll, requiring a number of successes equal to those achieved on the initial attack). Tearing the probes out is a free action that inflicts one additional level of bashing damage. If the victim attempts to tear out the probes himself, he must score more successes on a Resolve + Composure roll than the attacker gained on the initial attack.

Rules for Stun Guns have been included below for ease of reference:

Stun Gun: The stun gun is a widely available, handheld self-protection tool. It consists of little more than a black grip with two metal contact probes sticking out of the top. Thrust the probes into an assailant, pull the trigger on the grip and approximately 300,000 volts of electricity go coruscating through the target’s nervous system.
Stun guns do not cause actual damage. The voltage that courses through a subject plays havoc with their body, causing intense pain and severe muscle contraction. The longer one holds the stun gun to the target’s body, the worse the “stun” effect becomes.
Attacks with a stun gun require a Dexterity + Weaponry roll (with the subject’s Defense subtracted, though armor is ineffective). Even a single success allows for contact and sends electricity into the subject’s body. Successes gained on the roll count as penalties against the target’s next roll. If these successes cumulatively exceed the target’s Size, even over a number of consecutive turns, the victim enters unconsciousness for a number of turns equal to the successes rolled.
The wielder can continue to attack with the stun gun while keeping the contact probes connected to the target’s body. Doing so requires a subsequent Dexterity + Weaponry roll, b
ut these rolls can ignore the target’s Defense score
. Note, however, that the target can attempt to pull away from the stun gun with a Strength + Brawl roll. One success allows him to escape the contact probes. If a target is knocked unconscious, the stun gun ceases to have any mechanical effect. (The stun gun continues to cause pain and contraction, but does not prolong the duration of the victim’s unconsciousness.) Again, be aware that the stun gun causes no actual damage to the body, though a Storyteller may want to consider falling damage if the stun gun causes the victim to drop to the ground.
A baton version of this weapon exists. The baton can be used as a club to cause damage (+1 modifier to attack, does bashing damage only) or it can be used to deliver a charge from its tip. The baton cannot be used to do both.
Stun guns and stun batons are legal in most, but not all, states.


Stun Gun, Ranged

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