Vampire Listing from David Shadley

Below is the listing of possible vampire contacts that Content Not Found: null gave the party to contact for various and sundry reasons pertaining to vampires, vampire society as well as those whom he thought would be receptive in some fashion about talking to ‘norms’.

The Listing is as follows:

Alarisa – at the WotC Tower or the 20’s (movie theater),
Anivera (not her real name?) – the Hellfire Club down at the U,
Dendon – Owns Porn Store and Radio Station “THE EXotic Edge” ,
Jack – (not a vampire but a Ghoul, hes a bit of a dick at first but tries to be helpful so that he can earn his V),
Josef Kostan – Owns… a LOT. thats All I know man,
Thomas Pasough (the Prince of Seatle) totally fucking crazy. Owns a company called Globalcom, and
Kiera (not sure, I think shes a ghoul but they dont treat her like one)

Test Info Profile

Begin Record

POSITION: Job Tittle
LANGUAGES: English, Jive, French, Japanese, Arabic, German (non-fluent)


HEIGHT: 0.00m EYES: Blue [Company]
WEIGHT: 00 kg HAIR: Black [Original]
SEX: Male [Original] SKIN: Caucasian
NATIONALITY: Anglo-American

IMPLANTS – Cyberaudio Unit .EH.RL.SE.DR.
Cyberoptic Unit .CF.TA.TSM.LL.
Neural Unit .PLG.WLNK.
Body Implants .DGR.MD.*.

2018, NOV. Gunshot wound: lower abdomen. Minor surgery at ********* clinic, * ****.
2019, APR. Flatline: 1m24s. Heart, lung transplant. Unit 347A, Vat# ****.


Hired 2015, for tasks in USA and Europe where Asian operatives are too noticeable.
Failure – 2016. Removed finger for two month period
Absolutely no advancement possible.
Embezzlement proven but within acceptable limits for EB involved.


Here is where the target history will go.


DAMARITH, Lorenzo :X-Ref * . (example)
ANASHO, Mitshiko :X-Ref *
* *. (example)

Cross-Reference: Jones, Caitlin. Female lover in period 05/16/18 –09/17/18. Infocomp Operative. Currently resides in 221 C Baker Street, Night City Calif., USA.

TOOTHPICK [no other name known.]. Proprietor of establishment: Fast Eddy’s Pool Hall. 24th St., Night City, Calif., USA.


Going to see a Man about a Werewolf...
Whats up with Werewolves in this game anyways... (Warning LONG Post, but worth it!)

So now that we have a PC who has a background or a potential background having to do with werewolves, as well as PC whom has asked for some werewolf intervention, I figure its times i shine some light on a dark corner of this New World of Darkness about what exactly is going on with Werewolves, both large and small, and how that affects the players.

This will be part of an on going series of writings about what I as a GM/Story Teller_ (‘cause GM’s in this game are called Story Tellers, for those whom didnt know that)_ have changed about Game Lines outside_ (and in another posting like this, IN this game line (Hunter: the Vigil) as well!)_ the one we are currently playing in. Well Technically we are playing in Hunter: The Vigil, for now, with the grand goal/picture to be playing in New World of Darkness (which is to say we are mixing game lines to include everything, even if its not being mixed the way you thinking it is. If that makes sense).

Now you may notice that not all the information about X game-line is going to be posted all at once. That would be because I’m reworking My notes and posting them as I find time to do so. So please be patient. There will be more to come soon enough. Thank you for noticing.


p.s. – I’ll be rambling on a bit in places, just stick with it/Me, as this is the foundation of sorts for the ideas you’ll be dealing with. ;) Thank again.

Werewolf , as it used to be: In the old world of darkness (oWoD or just simply, WOD) you had a game line called Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The storyline entailed that the last remaining tribes of the werewolves called Garou, were essentially, literally or figuratively (depended on which tribes world view you chose to follow) the guardians of Gaia, the literal and/or figurative Spirit of Earth itself (if not life itself) made manifest (in whatever means it felt it needed to be) to the Garou Nation as a whole. It was their Goddess, just as God is to the Pope or any religious entity was to any major world religion, save that in many cases, one could interact directly with her in many ways. Now, this storyline had the players fighting the good fight, and losing by inches against a trio of concepts made manifest, among them Corruption (the Wyrm), Technology (the Weaver), and Nature ran rampant and unchecked in a wicked way (the Wyld). The tribes were actually tribal in nature with few exceptions, and were basically charged with protecting their Spirit Goddess Gaia, righting the spiritual wrongs of the world and generally fighting the forces of Evil so common folk could walk the streets in peace. The problems there many.
As spiffy and awesome as the tribal and spiritual structure of the game was, it seemed like the deck was always stacked against you, from individuals making their own power plays, to generations of tribal prejudice leading to genocide of whole races of supernatural (and in some places mundane as well), to both good and bad guys becoming corrupt in any number of ways, to just about everybody losing their damn mind and acting like a general bag of dicks. But it was still a solid, fun and interesting system, if not flawed. As I said.
So WhiteWolf, knowing that they could only string along the end of world for so long, eventually ended the game world with their actual Apocalypse. Spirit Nuked it and in a sense, wiped it clean and started over leaving how it ended upto individual player groups to decide how they wanted to go out. In a way this was a good thing. Nay. A great thing, as towards the end, over a decade of rules updates were convoluted and unbalanced etc.

That world is now gone. Which brings us to …

Werewolf (nWoD), as it is now: nWoD Werewolf is called Werewolf: the Forsaken. Now I’m going to start you off right at the beginning here. the new werewolf is technically a completely different game. This isnt a game that takes place years, decades or hundreds of years later. at best, this is a completely different dimension, with its own laws, values and ideas. But frankly, this is a COMPLETELY different game. Its own ‘Beast’ if you will…
The ideas are similar, but they are distinct in their differences. Gone are the tribal views for the most part. There are still tribes, however they are more thematic groupings than actual tribes as before. the Auspices are different. Just like wrenches come in standard and metric. different, but the same.
So to give you a brief run down of whats going on, the Forsaken are broken upto two groups. Forsaken and the Pure.
the Forsaken are the PC’s, the ones descended from Father Wolf and Mother Luna whom thematically did the right thing. What that mean? I’ll get to that in moment. They are the minority faction of ‘good’ guys if you will.
The Pure… are batshit insane. They are the Majority unfortunately, and while they are still depended from Father Wolf, and Mother Luna,… they done fucked up son. And them and their decedents are basically super religious zealots of baddies because of the generational and individual guilt that is on their shoulders from doing the wrong thing back in the day.
What was the wrong thing? Well back in the Day, when the earth was whole, there was basically the circle of life. Think Lion King. But instead of Lions, Mufasa was Father Wolf and Pride Rock was Earth. Spirit and Flesh were basically one. sure you could die per se, but you were reborn shortly and it was a near perfect endless cycle. Father Wolf was basically the uber bad ass god marshal of earth that kept both sides of the fence, both fleshies and spirits in check from getting too powerful.
Along the way he courted Luna and made the first hybrids (which interestingly enough dont specify that they were werewolves only that werefolk came of this union) of flesh and spirit, aka shape changers. Before this you were either flesh or spirit. or when you were flesh and died, you became a spirit and then got reborn flesh, but you could actually blend the lines and or bend the rules, or even out right break then for a time… so long as Father Wolf didnt catch on and kick your ass.
So neither side really liked that the werefolk can change back and forth at will. but the werefolk ran with Wolf and you just dont fuck with his family, and they basically helped with the family business. … Think Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Along the way Father Wolf starts getting old and isnt keeping the peace as he should be. or most realistically, used to be. So he sets things up so that his kids can kill him. Rules of the wild and all that. meanwhile spirits are running wild ghost buster style, and the pack of werefolk (mainly werewolves at this point) are not really upto their dads level of ass whooping, but something needs to be done.
The ones whom fulfill Father Wolf’s dying wish and kill him are the Forsaken.
The ones that whom basically balk and become crazy assed fanatics are ‘the Pure’.
Generations later, the Pure have run wild and are trying their damnedest to wipe out the Forsaken, while trying to take over the world. The Forsaken are trying to play catch up in a severely uphill, uber underdog battle to restore balance to the worlds, both spirit and mundane (but mainly spirit), all the while fighting off the Pure, and fighting back against the spirits that are still running wild to this day.


Q: So what does this have to do with Race’s Seattle nWoD game?
A: Frankly? Nothing. That’s the Short/Partial Answer anyways. lol.

The Long Answer is this: Both the above systems and stories are very interesting and compelling. However I dont really use either one of them for My game. To Me, they are BOTH flawed in places that dont really work well with My game.
I’ll explain. In WoD (the old system) tribes were in a near never ending battle that was stacked against them. Thats great for drama, but even for a fantasy settle of sorts, its not really realistic. There are numerous places where WhiteWolf as a company and player based tourney’s tried to fix things but in the end there was just so much bulk, it never self righted. Which was part of the reason they decided to nuke everything and start from scratch.
In the nWoD version they tried to keep some of the same ideas, even tried to give it a baseline from which to lend it some authenticity and such that was missing in the first version, but to Me, again fails.

Q: But where?
A: Social Interaction.

In W:tA your main type of social organizational grouping is tribal (national). Which is based after Native American Tribes. With additional groupings of Auspice (job/outlook) and Pack (family-ish). at least at first. Later on you get an additional groupings with expanded auspice and then the additions of the Celestial Courts from Kindred of the East (KotE).
In W:tF the focus starts at the Pack, Auspice then Tribe (after the division between Forsaken and Pure of course), with a common root that is based in Ancient Summerian dialects for language.

But frankly to Me, these are mainly flawed systems because of these things mentioned above. They basically tried to shoe horn a social interaction system around … well social interaction, of groupings that have supposed to have been around since the beginnings of recorded time.
And this system is supposed to include both humanity and animal instinct, and social interaction traits. but they dont. And after all that time, someone would have, should have come up with something better.

I believe I have. And I’m not the only one. And as such, I’ve followed the advice thats in the nWoD rules settings… and thrown their ideas the fuck out and substituted My own! … with a lil help. I’m working on my 3rd Doctorate now. One of those Doctorates has an emphasis on Human Interaction Theory. In fact, when in College, I wrote My thesis on Human Interaction Theory, using wolf-pack social dynamics as patterned basis for manipulating social engineering in group settings.
Thats long speak for I used wolf pack social dynamics to not only predict what humans were going to to, but to direct them to what and where I wanted them to go as a social experiment. it was REALLY interesting.
And Im not the only one whom has not only noticed this, but has tried to put it to good use.
WhiteWolf noticed this and as a result expanded their pantheon of spirit interactions. They also used the same ideas to change things a bit when they moved from W:tA to W:tF, upto and including adding in language as their common bond, and ancient ties (in this case Sumerian), refocusing the game to begin at the pack level and work upwards, etc…

There is an author named Patricia Briggs whom writes two relevant series called the Mercy Thompson Series, and the Alpha and Omega Series. Shes a great writer whom gives great social cues for including both human and animal interactions. I point her out because:

  1. She’s a great writer whom points out a LOT of good things about humanity and animals, as well as great ways to include those things as RP elements.
  2. She’s honestly taken a lot of the examples an work load out of having to do all this Myself and put it both into words and on paper. lol. At least up until now anyways. Up until this post this has just been an oral tradition (conversation) that I’ve had with players in between game times.

Q: So what does this mean exactly?
A: This mean… This means that I dont use either W:tA or W:tF, but what I’ve come to call ‘The Briggs Model’. or the Modified Briggs Model, as over time, I’ve changed even that and made it its own special brand of My own. maybe It needs a new name? I’ll let you decide that later lol.

The Briggs Model: (Modified) The World is the world we live in now. But the supernatural world, is broken up into petty nations and kingdoms of sorts, shared, and broken up among the various types of supernaturals, some in the shadows, some… less so.

While at this point no one group is currently “out” in mainstream society, the idea that has been out and out said in the New World of Darkness is that humanity knows that there are things out there in varying degrees, but chooses to hide its collective head under the covers as it did when it was child hoping it couldnt be seen. And with good reason

Werewolves are by far the most numerous types of werecreatures (in fact ‘the Government’ only currently follows reports on werewolves and not other types as they currently have as of yet not turned up any relevant date. ie no proof any other type of therianthrope [read were-creature] exists as yet) in the nWoD, but others are known to exist, if only among the supernatural groups themselves or as lore.

as it sits at the moment (and has since before there was a United States of America actually), North America (Canada, the United States, down through Mexico but not ‘South’ America) is under the control of one Alpha. While individual packs maintain their own territories, as well as their own Alpha’s, those packs in turn run a hierarchy with progressively dominant pack groupings all the way up to the Alpha of Alphas himself, whose name is often just whispered and often not directly referred to, at least not in public or across telephone lines.

Other countries have their own arrangements, with Greece having their own strong and long heritage, Britain having a King, as well as Russia, Japan and number of other countries holding their own groupings, territories and rankings. None of which, when it IS spoke of, at all, are known to be anywhere near as dominant as the Alpha of North America known in certain circles as ‘the Marrok’.

While some territories attempt to use their peoples as standing armies, and a few have (very quietly) claimed the Marrok does the same thing, only with better skill as to no one noticing, those with any type of brain in their head and forethought have actually noticed that the Marrok, while strict and stern most times, seems to be maintaining North America as a safe haven, often offering asylum and reprieves well within reason to outsiders if they so choose to dwell within his borders and maintain the rather generous laws he tends to keep, while cracking down on those whom break his laws like a rocket powered iron fist on those whom outright challenge of defy his leadership. he is an Alpha of Alpha’s after all.

Fore the record, the therianthrope communities at large maintain their own languages as well as a type of were-common to speak among themselves when they gather.

The Werewolves of My campaign are usually born human, though very very rarely, an animal changer (born animal) is born. And rarer still someone born a shifter as opposed to being made one later on.

I’ve kept that they have interactions with the spirit world (not ghosts but the actual spirit world), and that they share an balancing act between offering prayers and thanks to the spirits of greater rank while occasionally bullying the lesser spirits (they share a kind of Lucifuge type of relationship, only with spirits instead of demons) and they share pack magic and pack bonds as their form of personal magic, while being tough, strong and regenerating at very fast rates.

These are the werewolves that most people hear legends and stories about.

Werewolves know that there are another type of werewolf out there (no, not referring to skin changers which are functionally the same and just as despised) that are referred to in hushed tones and whispers, or occasionally as bedtime stories, called First Worlder’s.

While first worlder’s are technically therianthrope’s from what are now known as different dimensions, planes, worlds or timelines. However, First Worlder’s (caps) are known among the storied and well learned to usually be a type of Royalty from a land of greater magic that was long separated from out own world. There, royal houses vie for power, attention and more, often using our world (the Second World) as a border skirmish or even a place of Exile. In the First World, werewolves hold a similar position to both W:tA & W:tF as type of border marshal, guardian and warrior born.

Those whom know of the First World, know, that when a First World Werewolf shows up, there is almost always trouble of the kind that can put whole territories at risk.

So there you go. A break down of not only whats gone on before, but a break down the why’s and how’s. As well as some background ideas and explanations. If you have any questions or things you’d like to discuss, please drop Me a line. I’ll be posting more as I can.

Additional Note: So with the GMC book, we get alternate Timelines, and with Mirrors, we get alternate world settings and such. for the moment I am entertaining that W:tF & W:tA are both alternate worlds (or are WE the alternate one?) that can be traveled to, or maybe from. However I typically wont be using them directly as is until I have a hard copy of their respective books in hand. that being said, I am still using the game mechanics for W:tF as well as Spirit Slayers for building Werewolves, its the social stuff (fluff) that has mainly changed, overall. With special circumstance bonus’s for First Worlders (which for the record could be any type, for instance a First World Vampire is a real possibility, would be stronger (in some way) than a regular vampire etc) . And there you have it.

I think the next one I’ll write about will be the Vampires maybe?

What Runs These Halls
  • Kharis goes to the public library and sets up actions to ‘shake up the town’
  • Lindsey summons a demon to heal Ariel.
  • Ariel fights off the attentions of the demon (due to her being both female and a demon in her opinion).
  • Rhianwen kills the demon in question.
  • the Field Ops Group (PC’s) explain to the authorities that the children were severely traumatized as well as kidnapped by south american drug cartels for a supposed sex slaver ring.
  • Said children will join the cult children in a new school for those whom were traumatized (unknowingly that the school is in face a selection grounds for potential candidates) so that they may receive proper treatment for their trauma.
  • In addition, the FOG team will be celebrity judges at said school for the upcoming science fair in two weeks.
  • (more to come. I’m tired. feel free to comment below on this!) I’ll add more as I remember it :D
Rhianwen Darkwatch Journal
Character Journals
Character Journals
Collection of all journal entries made by players to date

Collection of all journal entries made by players to date.

Lindsey Galderynthe

The Driver

Ariel Vanderkeys

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Orion O’Neill Begining

Rhianwen Darkwatch

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After a Long Night - July 12th Game

Episode July 12, 2013: After a Long Night

Players/Characters: Kreb/Sam; Kensashi/Orion; Angel/Lindsey; Charger/Cassie
Audience: Kris, Cash
Detailed Transcript:
• Sam, Orion and Cassie headed out after the long night. No one had seen Lindsey since earlier in the day.
• Lindsey was at home asleep. He lay in a sweat soaked bed and was ridden by troubling dreams all night. He looked like something Fabi’Cet wouldn’t drag in when he arrived at the T&T offices.
• Sam headed home for a few hours of sleep. Around dawn he got cleaned up and had a breakfast of champions: coffee, alcohol and tobacco. Then he headed to the synagogue to pray with his rabbi and then back to the office.
• Orion headed home to get cleaned up and some rest. Then he gave Fabi’Cet. the “reward” (pot) he’d bought for the little demon and sat down to watch a Cheech and Chong movie with him. Orion has convinced himself that he can rehabilitate the plague demon.
• Cassie headed to the TFV offices. She showered and changed clothes before checking in with the headquarters. She was informed that a truck with supplied was en route and that it would be about 3 days before the receptionist would arrive. Feeling a little refreshed, she grabbed a large cup of coffee and headed back to the T&T offices
• Lindsey arrived at the T&T offices first. Tracy was already there doing paperwork. He talked to her to find out what happened the night before. She pointed him to a sign on the white board. It warned people that there was a vampire in the holding cell downstairs and provided a case file number.
• After returning to his desk, Lindsey scanned the case file to find out what the team had done, what they’d learned the night before. He was still haunted by the dreams he’d had. Soon he was staring thoughtfully (at nothing) as he tried to remember the visions in his dreams. He knew that they were important and that he needed to figure them out. He knew he was only getting snippets of them.
o There was a flock of large black birds that filled the sky and blocked out the sunlight. Their eyes glowed red and shown with intelligence that no bird should have. He saw them flying over a street in Seattle. It was a dark gray day but it wasn’t raining so there were kids playing in the street. It goes dark, almost black and when Lindsey can see again the ball is bouncing on the pavement and all of the kids are missing. Then flames blur his vision and he sees the kids walking aimlessly, as if they’re in a trance like state, down the street.
o There was something else from the vision that he could barely remember. A vampire in a room with windows. The vamp’s face registered stark terror when he saw the black birds with the glowing red eyes pecking at his window.
• Orion and Fabi’ arrive at the offices. Fabi has a child’s backpack. He’s carrying a laptop and scissors in it.
• Travis is working on his latest invention and making lots of noise downstairs.
• Sam is cleaning his gun down in the workshop where Travis is working.
• All of the noise and music coming from downstairs prompts Lindsey to ask if the vampire is locked up or just downstairs and why is he being given access to power tools and a stereo.
• Orion shrugs and says “It is what it is” which got him a grumpy look from Lindsey.
• About that time Sam comes back upstairs to where Orion and Lindsey are. He’s whistling a tune. Takes a look at Lindsey and sets a flask in front of him. Lindsey declines his offer of a drink. Sam takes a swig and puts the flask away.
• The phone rings and Sam answers it. It is a gentleman named Sergi??? He had been directed to T&T and was told that they might be able to help him. He is looking for his lost organ. Sam tells him to put his hand in his pocket and feel around – he should be able to find it then. The man is insulted but he continues to explain that it’s a priceless antique that has been in his family for generations. It is a three story tall French pipe organ. He is the last descendant and must get the organ back. He is willing to pay a hefty fee to get it back. Sergiv will be traveling in Europe but he will wire $5K. He will call T&T periodically to check on progress.
o Sam decides to take the man seriously and puts him on hold while he finds out how to transfer him to the admin office to start the paperwork.
o Tracy shook her head and pointed toward the instructions on the white board.
o Sam pulled up the right forms on his computer and reconnected with Sergiv. to take all the pertinent information.
• As Sam works on filling out the proper paperwork, Sergiv explains the organ was routed to Seattle before it was to go south. It never arrived at its final destination and no one seems to know how or where it got misplaced.
• Tracy reviewed the paperwork after Sam was off the phone and added the new assignment to the docket.
• As Orion was setting up Fabi’ to continue watching movies on his laptop Angel made a passing comment about Fabi’ being mistaken for a cat. Fabi’ took the comment that Orion needed a pet cat and went outside to find one. He routed around for a while and ran across a couple rats which he tossed away before coming back inside. He told Orion that he’d be happy to continue looking but Orion said ‘Thanks’ but that he didn’t really want a cat.
• Lindsey grumbled that he could really use a cigarette as he rustled around his desk trying to find an old pack. Then he saw a pack, ashtray and matches sitting on the corner of his desk. They hadn’t been there a minute before.
• They all heard Geni greet someone at the front desk.
• Sam and Lindsey talk about the vampire downstairs.
• Sam asked if Lindsey has seen it and Lindsey shook his head no “but he has power tools” Lindsey replied.
• Sam told him that he was hearing Travis work on a new project. The vampire was sleeping. Then he told Lindsey, given how he looked that he could go sleep with the vampire.
• Everyone jumped when an explosion occurred and three barbed poles shot through the floor. After a second the barbs expanded. Then they heard Travis yell “Sorry” through the floor. The barbs contracted and disappeared back into the hole.
• Orion and Fabi’ went over to see what was going on and to examine the new holes in the floor
• Lindsey yelled at Travis to find out what he was doing. Travis said that he’s building a grappling gun.
• [random note] Terry Tate the office linebacker
• Sam continued talking to Lindsey and told him everything that happened the night before.
• Cassie observed the T&T team as she sipped on her second cup of coffee. Then she went down to check on David, the vampire as Sam liked to refer to him. He was sleeping like the dead. He was eerily still. Once she was confident that David had not been harassed or injured since they had settled him into the room, she returned upstairs to join the conversation.
• Sam was discussing the information he learned from Ivan. The bottom line that Ivan gave him was that T&T should leave the Seattle vampires along. Their leader, Thomas Pasco is an extremely bad man — vengeful, ruthless, bordering on sadistic. People are play things and food to him, nothing else. Less powerful vampires are only thought of as a little more than that — they’re not food, but definitely there for his entertainment.
• The discussion segued to the topic of what to do with David. The team had completed the job that they’d taken on. They’d found him, but they couldn’t just give an neophyte, un-schooled vampire back to his human mom. And it wasn’t like they could tell her that he was fine; because he was technically dead after all. Those that wanted to kill him out of hand because of what he had been changed into were out voted. David would be given a chance to live as an ethical,“vegetarian” vampire.
• Lindsey was concerned for David and his family — in the event that Pasco decided to make a better example out of David. He asked Tracy if David and his family could be relocated — put into some sort of witness protection program. But even if the cost wasn’t prohibitive, it was not feasible. David’s family ran a lucrative business — they couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t be willing to) just disappear.
• The group agrees that the best solution for now is for David to stay at T&T. And that he should call his mom to let her know that he was dealing with some things and just needed some down time. It wasn’t a good idea of him to tell her that he’s a vampire quite yet.
• Since it was only mid-afternoon and David wouldn’t wake for a few hours everyone settled in to do research and paperwork.
• Cassie began poking around Thomas Pasco’s history. Who was he? Where did he come from and more importantly when did he come from. It was easy to get information about his fake cover story. Thomas Pasco — CEO of Global Com the third largest company in Seattle, a TMP subsidiary. The company had three other ‘men’ on the board of directors: Benson Graves, James Brighton and Kevin Damion. There were pictures of them but not of Thomas. Thomas’s bio said that he a Seattleite — born and raised in the fine city. but there were no pictures of him for the past 40 years. There was no record of him attending school in Seattle or of him ever having family in Seattle. The whole story was bogus. Cassie sent a request to TFV to see if they could dig up any information on where and when Thomas Pasco had originated and how he got established in Seattle.
• When Cassie finally pulled herself out of her office she saw Sam sitting on the couch watching a Cheech and Chong movie. She was concerned about his mental stability as he appeared to be carrying on a conversation with the air. He told her that he could talk to ghosts and she mostly believed him. She’d known others who could communicate with ghosts — but she’d never seen them watch a movie with a ghost, nor carry on a full conversation with them. The best she could guess was that Sam either had mad skills in ghostly communication or he half lived in the ghostly world or he was just plain old nuts. And given his tendency toward violence and his talking to the wind — she was inclined to believe it was the later — he was fucking nuts. Without thinking she slipped and called him Crazy Sam. He took offense and made her explain why she’d call him that.
• Sam told her that he wasn’t talking to a ghost, that he was watching the movie with Orion’s indentured plague demon. ‘Yep’ Cassie thought, trying to keep her face neutral ‘he is fucking nuts’
• Sam caught the look in her eyes and ordered Fabi’ to reveal himself to her. Fabi’ looked to Orion who told him it was OK.
• Cassie saw a doodle appear on the white board. After a minute the doodle began to burn brightly and this thing, this creature emerged from it and stood on the table in front of her.
• • Orion introduced Fabi’ to Cassie just before he returned to watching the movie with Sam.

Searching for Seattle's Lost Boy

• After Sam, Lindsey and Cassie finished talking with Sara, they all headed back to T&T briefly so that Lindsey could drop them off and then run an errand for Tracey.
• It’s about 8:15 PM so there’s enough time before they plan to meet near Dominic’s bar for them to check out David’s car. It had been found down by a bar on the edge of the warehouse district (near the docks). Cassie grabbed her car and Sam and Orion rode with her to check out the car.
o Cassie slowly drove by the car and around the block so that they could get a sense of the area before parking and checking it out. David’s car was easy to spot. It was a black Camero with tinted windows and vanity plates, CAMSCAM. There weren’t any lights in the area except for the one at the end of the bridge.
o As they swing by the car Sam and Orion notice that two men in hoodies are sneaking down the bridge, toward the car. The larger man in the dark hoodie was both taller and bulkier than the man in the red hoodie. The larger man was carrying a crowbar and it looked like they planned to break into David’s car.
o Cassie stopped as the man in the black hoodie started to break into the trunk of the car. Sam and Orion jumped out.
o Sam flashed his gun at the man in the black hoodie and told him that whatever he was thinking was a bad idea. He and his friend should walk away before there’s trouble.
o The trunk bursts open and another guy pops up out of it. He threw the man in the black hoodie. The man slammed against the side of the bridge support and slid down.
o The smaller man in the red hoodie pulled a knife from his pocket and slashed at the guy in the trunk.
o The man in the black hoodie ran back swinging the crowbar viciously at the people in front of him.
o The guy jumped out of the trunk. He was fast, strong and very angry. He through the man in the black hoodie to the ground.
o Orion turned and went for the guy in the trunk. He hit him with a whirlwind of unarmed strikes. He hit the guy hard and fast. Orion feels like he just hit a side of beef and bounced off. The man should have been hurting or at least knocked back but he didn’t seem to be affected by the blows.
o The man from the black hoodie started to stand up. Cassie turned to him and commanded him to stay down. He looked confused, dropped to one knee and stopped moving.
o Sam turned from black hoodie man, targeted the guy from the trunk and shot him in the shoulder. The guy yelped and started to bleed and took a defensive stance.
o The man in the red hoodie stabbed Orion in the ribs.
o Orion pulled his katana and nicked the man across the chest and inside his upper arm. With his other strike Orion slashed the man’s thigh. The man limps backwards and blood is soaking his clothing. It’s clear that he will need medical attention soon or bleed to death.
o The man in the black hoodie stood and advanced on Cassie, swinging the crowbar menacingly.
o Cassie backed up as she pulled her Glock. At the same time she yelled at him to stay down.
o Sam turned in response to Cassie’s voice and shot the man in the shoulder. It jerked him but he continued to stand, holding the crowbar.
o The man in the red hoodie limped away, across the street – toward the corner.
o The guy from the trunk crouched down, holding his hands out and screamed “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” at the group.
o The man in the black hoodie hurled the crowbar with all his strength at Sam. It hit him in the chest with a thud and bounced off.
o Cassie aimed and pulled the trigger, shooting the unarmed man. It knocked a chunk out of his chest and he fell to the ground and blood poured from his chest.
o Sam aimed and shot the man in the red hoodie in the back. He dropped to the ground instantly.
o Everyone sees a med kit appear near Orion. Fabi’set was helping to bandage his wound.
o Cassie checked her cell phone to confirm that the guy from the trunk was truly David. “David? You’re David Shadley? What are you doing here? Everyone is worried about you. Your mom hired Taylor and Taylor to find you and bring you home.”
o David told them that he ran into some problems and it wasn’t safe to go home, so he’d been sleeping in his car.
o Sam pointed the gun at him and told him not to move or he’d be as dead as the other two guys. Sam asked if he was a vampire.
o Cassie got some of the bandages from the med kit next to Orion and started bandaging David’s gunshot as they continued to talk. Sam told him to listen to the nice lady. She tried to convince David to tell them about the trouble he ran into.
o David asked to see some ID. Cassie flashed him her Homeland Security credentials and explained that she was on lone to Taylor and Taylor.
o David was skeptical and wanted to know why Homeland Security would be interested in his disappearance and problems. Then he added that no one would believe the kind of problems he had even if he told them.
o Cassie got tougher with him and told him that they’d been on several cases where strange things happened. There are departments dedicated to routing out unusual problems and resolving them – it is a public safety issue. She asked him point blank if he ran into people who could do things that no human should be able to do – like have inhuman strength and speed and the ability to cloud your mind? “We know that you helped your sister. Sara said that there was a problem with the group she had been mixed up with. And she was afraid for you.”
o They decide that they should probably get out of there before the police arrive or someone sees them near two dead bodies. Sam threatened David again which causes an argument to break out between Orion and Sam. In the middle of this David simply disappeared. But they see his bandage trailing into the driver side door. Sam jumped into the car and threatened to stab him if he tried anything like that again. Orion slipped into the back seat of David’s car. Cassie got into her car and followed them to the bar at 54th and 7th.
• It was a Russian bar that Sam had been to before. He liked it for the Russian vodka and Cuban cigars. As the group approached the front door David stopped walking and told them that he couldn’t go it. Something was stopping him.
• Sam turned to Orion and told him that David needed to be invited in. At about that time two bouncers appeared at the door. They flipped the sign to “closed”. Sam stepped up to talk to one o f the bouncers. He told them to call Crazy Ivan, that Ivan would vouch for the group. And that they needed to let us in.
• The bouncer told Sam that Ivan doesn’t own the bar so he has no influence regarding who is allowed entry. Then he nodded at David and said that his kind is not welcome in the bar. There is a old agreement and it’s just not allowed.
• Sam asked the bouncer if he’d call Ivan and ask him to meet them at Taylor and Taylor offices.
• The bouncer agreed.

• They drove the two cars back to Taylor and Taylor since they couldn’t think of a better place to talk. Sam and Orion rode with David. Cassie followed in her car. As soon as they arrived at T&T Sam texted Tracey, something short and sweet about a vampire in the offices.
• Then Sam offered to get David some coffee. David asked for tea instead. Cassie asked for tea too. Sam handed Cassie his gladius and told her to use if he misbehaved. She assured him that that would not be necessary. David said that he wasn’t going to hurt anyone.
• David drank some of the tea while Sam watched. Then David told his story of how he was turned into a vampire.
o His sister had asked him for help. She just couldn’t get away from her boyfriend and his entourage. She looked horrible, like she was wasting away.
o David got involved. He met Thomas and talked to him. Asked him what it would take to get his sister free from them. Thomas replied “you”. David didn’t understand what he meant. David wasn’t into kinky stuff – was strictly hetero – but he assumed that Thomas was asking for some sexual encounter. He agreed in order to get his sister out. But that’s not what Thomas meant. Thomas wanted David, wanted to turn David into one of them. Thomas sired him.
o David had enough of Thomas’ bullshit. He challenged Thomas’s authority and they had a huge fight. Thomas beat him up and excommunicated him. He’s shunned by all the vampires he knows now. No one will talk to him because he pissed off Thomas – who rules over the Seattle hives.
o David has only been a vampire for six to eight weeks. He doesn’t know how to be a vampire – really.
o Sam asked him how many people had he killed. He replied “None. I don’t want to kill people.”
o Sam asked him how many people he’d drank from. He replied “None, other than the glasses that Thomas made him drink to change him.”
• About that time a very pale Tracey came bursting through the doors with a flame thrower rifle outfitted with a bayonet. She looked around wide eyed prepared to kill the first blood sucker she saw.
• The team filled her in on what had happened. She glared at Sam and told next time to give her a little more detail so that she doesn’t call in a strike team.
• Tracey listened to David and told him that it was likely that Sara was being used for food and that she probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer.
• David has knowledge of the local vampire hierarchy that he’s willing to share. His sire, Thomas Pasco seems to control the territory. He owns Dominic’s bar. He’s mean, evil, and sadistic. He’s feared; not liked or respected by the other vamps.
• Taking out Thomas and his sycophants is probably the right thing to do but the team needs to understand what’s likely to happen after they create that power vacuum.
• Tracey and Cassie stayed with David while Orion and Sam went out to have a smoke and talk to Ivan. Tracey said that she didn’t know of any way to revert even a newly made vampire back to human but that she’d have Travis scour the archives to see if there’s anything that might help. Given that David is so newly made he still has a lot of his humanity which is good in that he won’t be as likely to want to attack and kill people. But the downside of being so new is that he will lack the control of older vamps. So strong emotions or extreme hunger can easily push him over the edge. She’s going to see if they can find vamp or someone who can work with David to teach him how to control his emotions and hungers. There are ways for him to eat without feeding on people. And so long as he’s not a sadistic, evil bastard, it seems wrong to execute him.
• Cassie says that she’ll make some discrete inquiries about options for newly turned vamps – treatments, cures or reversal rituals. Given the whole hive situation she can do that without exposing David. There’s a chance that there will be interest in capturing one of the older vamps alive so that it can be studied. If so there’s a high likelihood that reinforcements will be sent to help clean out the hive. In which case David will need to be well hidden.
• Sam and Orion met Ivan outside the offices. Fabi’set was with them. Ivan didn’t have any new information for them about the vamps. It was clear that Ivan and the other Russians have an uneasy arrangement with the vamps that goes back many, many years.
• After Ivan left Sam said to Orion began to argue over how to handle the David situation. It is an argue that will likely be repeated again in the future. Sam also told Orion that he thinks that Ivan and the Russians are werewolves – who else other than a werewolf would take meat as payment for a cab fare. Werewolves and vamps are mortal enemies. And that they will need to be careful around them.
• Fabi’set tells them that Sam is wrong as they are walking back into the office. The Russians aren’t werewolves, they’re gypsies and they hate vampires and werewolves equally.

Of Lost Boys and Prophets

Episode June 7, 2013: Seattle’s Lost Boy and Prophet


Detailed Transcript:
• Cassie went straight to the address she was given for the TFV office. It led her to a 4 story parking garage. The key she was given was for a room on the first floor. She opened the door to find a 10’ by 10’ cleaning supply closet. This was not surprising — things aren’t always what they seem to be. After entering the room and closing the door, the floor slowly sank a level and opened into an office space.
o The floors were marbled granite, polished to a high sheen. There was a white desk and just beyond was a set of double doors. She strode through the doors to find that they opened into a 20’ long mirrored hall way. At the end of the hallway was the command center with a commander station elevated above the rest of the room. There was a bank of TV screens filling the one wall of the room. All of the screens were dark but the room was clean even though it seemed like the office had been abandoned for a while.
o As Cassie entered the command center the servers began to whir and the TV screens began to light up. News/intelligence feeds were rolling by. As she entered the commander station lights on the raised panel in the middle of the pit began to flash on and off. Monitors showed the TFV twirling icon as systems booted up, authenticated/validated the system and settled into a standby mode. Three people appear on the authentication list: Cassie, Specter (Jasmine) and the clerk who man’s the front desk.
o One screen, the displayed the schematics of the office. There were three distinct areas: this room – the security area, the reception/hall area and down one floor was the infirmary, armory and holding cells.
o Cassie decided to walk the space before heading to the Taylor and Taylor offices, so she went downstairs. The armory was cavernous and empty, though weapons and other equipment should arrive soon. The medical bay was relatively small but stocked with a lot of equipment and supplies. She’d have to look for an inventory list later. The last space she checked out was the holding cell area. She was glad to see that all of the cells were empty and clean. Once she had a good feel for the site she went back to the parking garage and took her TFV issued car to the main Taylor and Taylor offices.
• Lindsey and Cassie met up as they entered the T&T building. Lindsey looked like he’s been ridden hard and hung up wet; sleepy, unshaven and possibly hung over. They arrived at Genie’s reception desk at 10:20 AM. Cassie was a little taken aback at the surliness of the receptionist and she wondered if the woman was always like that. Genie waved them back to the offices and downstairs where the rest of the team was. Cassie made small talk with Lindsey as they wove their way to the armory.
• Sam, Tracy and Orion were standing next to a light table and talking over a map. There was a man, who looked worse than Lindsey, with scraggly hair and whiskers leaning on a harpoon. He was introduced as Travis.
• Sam was talking about his conversation Meat Luvin Ivan and trying to get info about him from Tracy. Tracy said something about there being a possible client who needed T&T to look into a problem that wasn’t being handled by the police to her satisfaction. Lindsey looked at Sam who was wearing a gladius at his waist. “Sam we’re in the office. You could take your blade off.”
• Sam shot back “Given where it came from I’m not letting it off my person or out of my sight.
• Orion snipes “Sam has paranoid schistophrenia. You’re not the first to tell him that he doesn’t need to wear it in the office.”
• Insert Race’s text on the Channel 13 Foxx blurb about the Darrek Hall situation.
• Sam piped up that apparently Darrek Hall has created a couple of the biblical plagues. He’s turned water to blood in a couple local rivers and created a plague of frogs in suburban areas. He claims “we” have 14 days to resolve the situation/meet his demands or he will bring about the apocalypse. This has everyone’s interest.
• Tracy asks for everyone’s attention so she can tell the team about a case T&T has taken on and assigned to this team. Colleen Shadley has retained T&T to find her 19 year old son. He was attending school at UW. He disappeared six weeks ago. The police believe that he’s just checked out of his life and left school without telling anyone. She thinks something has happened to him. There is a meeting with her in a few hours (at 1 PM). We should plan on going with her to the meeting.
• Tracy then turned to Sam, “you wanted to know about Ivan” she said. “There’s not a lot known about him. He works the night shift most of the time. No one messes with him. There’s rumor that he sees things that most people don’t. He’s not a bad source for information about what’s happening on the streets but he’s not on T&T payroll.
• Tracy looked at us again. Cassie is a liaison assigned to T&T for now. Cassie we’ll help you get settled in. We have an office for you Travis will help you with your equipment and weapon needs. Genie handles most paperwork and some research. Cassie’s office was a real office, not a cubie. It had a door and windows.
• Sam was already prepared for combat. He was wearing a bullet proof vest, chainmail, a dagger (crusader), the gladius and his single action 1870 Colt. He asked Lindsey and Orion to take a walk with him while he smoked his pipe – that they needed to talk about family matters. Cassie gave them a quizzical look as Tracy led her to her office and briefed her on basic T&T office procedures.
• Sam took Lindsey and Orion outside and once he were certain no one could hear them, he told them that he has unusual skills/gifts similar to Lindsey’s and Orion’s. Sam said he sees ghosts. That he can call them and he levitates as they walk.
o Lindsey admitted that in addition to the electricity thing, he can use magic.
o Orion claimed that while they may both have Lucifuge blood running through them he doesn’t. He doesn’t have any special abilities. All of his supernatural senses is due to his martial arts training – it’s common to be able to sense evil/demons with advanced training.
o Both Sam and Lindsey feel that Orion is in denial.
o “If I can see ghosts and Lindsey can do magic; maybe all the stories of old are true. Maybe witches, vampires, werewolves and other creatures do exist. In any case Sam said that he’s going to bind a powerful undead to him so that he can send it to spy on Darrek Hall.
• As they headed back to the office and Sam was on the stairs, Orion and Lindsey noticed a pizza delivery kid on a moped hit something that went streaking across the alley. The moped and kid flipped and went skittering into a trash bin. The creature was about 1.5 feet tall with spindly arms and legs and lots of sharp teeth. It was red and furless. It gave a sharp squeak as it twisted one of its horns back into place. As they looked at it longer they saw it had a bloated belly and boney knees and elbows. It was homely and ugly. The delivery kid cursed about the fat rat that sent him flying, as he picked up his scooter and took off.
o Curiosity got Orion and he walked toward the little beast. It snapped to attention, stumbled and tried to stand at attention again. Then it held out a scroll that was tied with a red ribbon and sealed with was. “Reporting for duty” then it looked at Lindsay “but not to you.” he finished with a scowl.
o Orion opened the scroll. It was a contract of servitude. As he scanned the document a barb jabbed out and drew blood from his hand. Orion’s name appeared (in blood) at the bottom of the contract. Orion was shocked and asked who did this and why. Was it the Lucifuge?
o The imp-like creature said that his name is Fabi’Cet. And Orion should think of the servant contract as a graduation present. He had volunteered for the role – anything to get out of Hell – “have you ever been there? Have you thought about it? It’s worse than you can imagine.”
• When Lindsey, Orion and his servant finally caught up to Sam inside the building, he looked at them and says “Who’s your buddy?”. So they explained what happened to them after he left and he said that it was obviously sent by their “friends” in Milan. Then he turned to the imp and held a gun to its head. “Who are you?” he asked. The imp said “I am Fabi’Cet, Duke of Hell, the Demon of Influenza” it said. Sam looked him square in the eyes “You better do what Orion says or I will kill you.”
• While Sam was waiting for Lindsey and Orion, he spoke with Travis about making a 30 round box magazine for the wraith gun that he has. And a bunch of silver bullets for it and the long gun. They discussed the pros and cons and possible approaches for doing what Sam wanted.
• When it got close to the time to meet with Mrs. Shadley, Tracy sent the team to meet her; on their own. They see a woman sitting alone at a table in the coffee shop when they arrive. She is well dressed but looks a little unkempt, like she hasn’t slept in days. Sam saw a ghost at the end of the counter. Cassie approached the woman and introduced herself and the rest of team. Sam went to the counter and got coffee for everyone as the rest of the team sat down with Colleen.
o Cassie did a quick read of Colleen and felt that she was emotionally detached and felt put upon because she had other things to do. Cassie was not impressed with her level of concern for her son. Cassie asked if she’d mind answering some questions – she’d probably answered them before, but it always helps to hear it directly from the client … and sometimes something new will come back to them when they talk about it again.
o They covered:
 Family enemies: none
 David had reasonable grades – grades not an issue
 Mental illness didn’t run in the family
 He was doing fine …
 He had been ill for a while a few months back but he recovered fine
 His roommate was Richard
 Older sister is Sarah. She’s wiccan. They were reasonably close. Got her address but she doesn’t have a phone number. Estranged from mother. Staying at Grandma’s house.
 No current girlfriend
 David is a Christian like his parents.
o She was anxious to leave, claimed she had errands that needed her attention. The team watched her get into a champagne colored Lexus SUV. Sam got its license plate. Cassie texted it somewhere to find out the basis registration info. She quickly learned that the vehicle was licensed to Colleen, the insurance policy had no deductible, no wants/no warrants/no tickets and the VIN matched the description.
o Sam sliced hand with a knife. Used the blood to bind the ghost at the end of the counter to do his bidding. Tells the ghost to follow the woman and report back to him everything it sees and hears. Blood dripped off his hand and stops in mid-air as though it was collected in a cup a couple inches above the table top and then disappeared.
o After Sam sent off the ghost he told Cassie the truth about himself and Lindsey. He told her about seeing ghosts as a child and how he can use “tributes” to control them and get them to do his bidding. Then he reminded her about the things that Lindsey can do. She asked them about Orion, what’s special about him. Orion denied any special ability. She looked at him suspiciously.
o Sam looked at her and continued. “You have a lot of interesting technology at your disposal. So if we’re going to work together we need to be honest with each other. We need to trust each other. So you know about us. Tell us about you.”
• The ghost returns. Says that she went to her house and was crying. Then she touched up her make-up and headed off to other meetings. Sam took the tears to be a sign of her concern for her son. Sam shared the info with the team. Cassie had her doubts as to the meaning of the tears. Sam asked her again to share her background with them.
• Cassie told them that she tends to float between agencies. Her most recent assignment was with Homeland Security which made Sam go ballistic. He ranted at her, which she took with grace – there’s not much she hasn’t heard before.
• Sam stormed out the front door and drags the ghost with him. He binds it to follow Cassie ad report back on all of her conversations and activities. And if she is an assassin or betrayer the ghost is to kill her.
• Then Sam could be seen making a call on his cell phone. He called Tracy and ranted about Cassie being part of the neo-Nazi DoJ and Homeland Security agencies. Tracy lets him rant for a while before she tells him that T&T needed a liaison. Cassie is not DoJ or Homeland Security, though she might have been assigned to them for a while. To the best of Tracy’s knowledge Cassie is with some group that deals unusual situations. There has been a part of the government, regardless of the department that deals with strange phenomenon since the early 1900’s. It is a black ops black ops group. She is here to help, not jam them up.. You could see Sam deflate a little. Then he told Tracy what he did and that he wasn’t sure whether he could call the ghost off.
• Sam returned to the table where Lindsey, Orion and Cassie sat. She looked at him without any emotion and waited for his to speak. He told her that he wouldn’t shoot her but he didn’t trust her. She told him she’d said all that she could. She’d never said that she was DoJ or Homeland Security … just that that’s where she’d been assigned most recently. He told them all what he’d done. Cassie said that it wasn’t the first time someone wanted to kill her .. though it was the first time a ghost was assigned to assassinate her. She says that she’ll be careful until he can all off his hit man.


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