Adrift in a Sea of Wut?

Welcome back, and dont open boats in the shitter!

This is an ongoing recounting of last session. I will update shit as I am able, but I wanted some notes here as a places holder while I’m updating things. Work In Progress Bitches. Be Patient.

  • Players got back from the Arctic.
  • Players decided to take weekend off (its friday!) and come back to work monday morning AM.
  • Sampson dreams the Dark Dream and gets his template. (yay) (ongoing PBM on that)
  • Sampson gets a note to come to Milan. Decides to include group.
  • While in Milan Sampson gets warning about things brought back, also given a group of assignments about party.
  • Vascilliy gets shooting time and more with succubus twins.
  • Scott gets new suit and X
  • Sampson gets item (Make link here) that allows him to carry his axe in a couple of ways.
  • Return to Seattle (again)
  • Return to main offices (well downtown offices, their offices), gives them new things to deal with in the form of a BOAT that has magically expanded in the downstairs bathroom/storage area, not only unseating Milo the weapons expert, but the sigils and seals that maintain/contain the magical wards in and around the building itself. (heh)
  • Newly discovered, long time warren has be built directly next door/besides the walls of Taylor & Taylor INC., How long its been there, or what its for is still a mystery, only that the originating hole comes from a drainage ditch from the parking structure that the whole block uses (near the security offices), with a dumping port broke into the cast iron (clue) plumbing drainage sewer pipe that takes away the sewage underground.

Listing of Currently Open Case Load Files:

  • NY – Body found riding subway
  • Abroad – Asian thing wants sibbling found and returned before next full moon.
  • CO – Lost Creek Colorado – Suspected Wendigo
  • XX -
  • Milan – Vault Items
  • Milan – Missing Operatives
  • Milan – PC Path Check/Observation
  • Milan – X (Placeholder cause I cant remember atm)
  • CA – LA County Jail – Missing Inmate
  • WA – Seattle – Hotel on outskirts of town ‘vanishes people’.
  • WA – Senator Taylor – Daughter Missing – ‘Unusual Circumstances’


Race Race

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